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When they know, they know.

I'm talking about eagle-eyed fans, actually.

Before Nina Dobrev and Shaun White confirmed their relationship, fans were shipping the duo after spotting very similar Instagram posts snapped in South Africa on their respective social media accounts.

The excitement about their relationship only grew when the paparazzi snapped the couple riding their bikes together in March 2020. A month later, Nina posted a video showing her followers how she washes her produce when she returns from the grocery store. Thing is, instead of using her own arms and hands which were tucked behind her back, and pair of arms covered in red hair did the washing. And though his face wasnt actually in the video, it didnt take long for their followers to suspect Shaun and Nina were, in fact, dating and quarantining together.

In May, a source confirmed what their fans had been hoping for. "Theyre both goofy and have a similar sense of humor and are super adventurous, the source told People. They have plenty in common. The source also added that Nina is pretty private. And sure, the pair has shared a few photos of themselves, but they're not offering much in the way of context.

So until fans can get their hands on a joint interview or at least an Instagram live, body language expert Karen Donaldson analyzed the couple's moves. Ahead, she breaks down exactly what each and every stance, hand placement, expression, and lean means for Nina, Shaun, and their relationship.

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Their relationship is built on a solid foundation of trust.

"Nina and Shaun are more than just lovers," says Donaldson. This body language proves they're friends, too.

"Nina has a high level of trust in Shaun, shes also at ease with him. The way in which she is looking straight ahead while on his shoulders tells us exactly that." And because Shaun let go of Nina's legs (while still hovering over them just in case), Donaldson can tell he's confident in Nina's faith in him.

Nina knows she can rely on Shaun.

"The way in which Nina leans into the back of Shaun's shoulder, is a security gesture," Donaldson explains. Her tight grip and lean onto Shaun communicates that she looks to him for stability. The smile on her face means she knows she can rely on him to support her literally and figuratively.

Shaun, on the other hand, is totally at ease being a support system, in this moment and longterm.

They're both fully committed to this relationship.

Want to know how someone feels about their partner? Look at their feetthey'll tell you everything you want to know.

"Nina's toes are both directly pointed towards Shaun," Donaldson points out. She also notes that Shaun's are turned toward Nina. "Toes pointed towards each other signals attraction," she explains. Though their attention is directed at the camera ahead, the positioning of their feet proves they've got each other on the brain.

They're goofy AF.

"The couple inserts healthy doses of fun in their relationship," says Donaldson of these photos Shaun posted for Nina's birthday. Their bodies are turned toward and pressed up against each other's which tells Donaldson they're bonded.

"In some cases youll see one partner's upper body turned in and the other person's body facing the front, which indicates that they may not want to be a part of whats happening. However, this is not the case here, Nina and Shaun are both enjoying the playful moment," Donaldson says.

Nina and Shaun's connection runs deep.

"In this image, Nina and Shaun's faces are kind of melded together. When couples' faces touch it symbolizes a high sense of safety with one another, emotional closeness, and sincere happiness in their relationship," Donaldson explains.

Body language like this indicates that it wasn't difficult for Nina and Shaun to be vulnerable with one another because their connection is genuine and strong. "People dont allow those they dont trust in their 'true' personal space, nor close to their face," Donaldson adds.

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