Parents worried about their babies after USA Health employee tests positive for Coronavirus – WKRG News 5

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) USA Health confirmed on Tuesday one of its employees tested positive for COVID-19.

While the hospital is not confirming where the employee worked, several parents contacted News 5 and told us what they have heard.

Parents said a nurse in the NICU is the employee who tested positive. Now theyre worried about their babies, and thats not the only thing parents told us theyre concerned about.

Brandon Waltman and his wife have been at USA Childrens and Womens Hospital for about a month. Their baby Emory is in the NICU. He said he found out about the nurse who tested positive on Monday night when he went to see his daughter and found she was moved to a new room. Waltman said, Do we seek to get this story out there and like yes these babies are immunocompromised. Their immune systems arent ready and on top of that youre talking about a Womens and Childrens hospital you know most of those kids have problems other than this and they dont have a voice, so somebodys gotta be that.

The new parents started worrying about their daughter as Coronavirus began spreading in the United States. Waltman said, We pushed to have a G-tube put in her stomach so that we could feed her from home, so that we could get home so were not here because this is what we were worried about.

On Monday night, his fears started coming true. Waltman said, The nurse manager walked in and informed me that a nurse that had taken care of Emory within the past two weeks had tested positive for Coronavirus, so every baby that she had contact with was now isolated. She was in a depressurized room. They now made sure that they had gloves and masks and gowns and face shields, and everything that they needed on.

He said his daughter being exposed to an employee who tested positive is only one of his concerns. Waltman said, But theyre not screening anybody. Their screening process is to check my wristband thats about four days old and showered on, make sure that my drivers license matches and I go right in.

He told News 5, the hospitals one visitor at a time policy also raises some questions. He said, One at a time, whats the other parent doing? Well, were sitting outside being exposed to whatever else, and then were allowed to come in later with no screener.

Waltman said his daughter Emory was tested on Tuesday for Coronavirus. He said the results have not yet come back.

Read the statement USA Health sent out about the employee HERE.


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Parents worried about their babies after USA Health employee tests positive for Coronavirus - WKRG News 5

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