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At a press conference on November 13, Ozarks Medical Center launched not only the largest expansion in the organizations history, but also announced a branding transition from OMC to Ozarks Healthcare. The new name and brand was effective immediately.

Ozarks Healthcare Womens Center

The expansion refers to a 20,000 square-foot womens health facility that is projected to be fully operational by early December. The new Ozarks Healthcare Womens Center features five labor and delivery rooms, gynecological surgery services, lactation services, and educational spaces.

The new labor and delivery rooms are a departure from the model that existed at the hospital previously. In the new facility, mothers will labor, deliver, and recover all in the same room with their newborn, following the most up-to-date standard of care. Accordingly, the nursery facility is smaller, with space for fewer than ten babies as most mothers today prefer to room-in after giving birth.

The private labor and delivery rooms are spacious enough to accomodate, not only the bed for a laboring mom, but also a sitting area with a pull-out sofa for fathers or other overnight guests. Each suite features a private restroom with a full shower and tub. Aaron Scott of Cromwell Construction, the firm who designed and built the new facility, said laboring mothers would have to travel as far away as Springfield or Jonesboro to find a hospital that offers bathtubs to laboring mothers.

The current labor and delivery unit will be converted into COVID care unit for COVID-19 patients.

Rebranding to Ozarks Healthcare

After debating if 2020 was the best time to launch a new brand in the midst of a pandemic, we took the importance of branding and how it relates to our patients into account before making our final decision, CEO Tom Keller said at the press conference. In a time when communication in our industry is now more critical than ever, it is vital for us to be able to successfully relay who we are as an organization to the public. Our hope and goal with this brand change is to be better seen as the compassionate and advanced healthcare resource we are in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

by Amanda Mendez, publisher

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OMC Unveils New Women's Center and Ozarks Healthcare Branding - Howell County News

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