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The Home Appliances giant has broadened the partnership to include the Manchester City Womens team and New York City Football Club

SINGAPORE MediaOutReach 28 January 2021Midea, one of the worlds leading homeappliance producers, has announced its global partnership expansion with CityFootball Group.

Mideas relationship with City Football Group started in January 2020when it became an Official Partner of Manchester City, and after a highlysuccessful first year of partnership, the decision was made to expand therelationship by adding the Manchester City Womens team and New York City FC.

The highlight of the 2020 partnership has been the #MideaHomeChallenge a six-week campaign where players, coaches, legends and fans took part in aseries of challenges and trick-shots using their household appliances. Thesocial media campaign, which generated millions of engagements, was a creativesolution to engage and inspire football fans all around the world who werestuck at home during lockdown.

Midea will continue to produce global, regional and localised digitalcampaigns with Manchester Citys mens and womens players, as well as brandingappearing across the Etihad Stadium and the Clubs online platforms.

Stephan Cieplik, SVPof Global Partnerships at City FootballGroup, said: Our partnership with Midea has been extremely successful since welaunched in January 2020. The Midea Home Challenge has been one of our mostpopular content campaigns which not only created high levels of digitalengagement but provided fans around the world with fun challenges to help keepthem entertained whilst at home. Midea is a brand whose values and ambitionsalign with Manchester City and we are delighted that we are now expanding thispartnership to include further teams within the City Football Group family.

Brando Brandstaeter, Head of Brands & Communications at Midea GroupsInternational Business Division, commented: We were thrilled to announce ourpartnership with Manchester City at the start of 2020. In light of thepandemic, we mobilised our teams to create the #MideaHomeChallenge, whichhelped kick-off the partnership in an unexpected but even more engaging way. Thecooperation with Manchester City during these challenging times has given usthe confidence to expand and strengthen our relationship with the City FootballGroup by adding Manchester City Womens and New York City FC and Mumbai City toour roster something I am very much looking forward to bring to life forMidea in 2021.

Manchester City FC is an English Premier League club initially founded in 1880 as St Marks West Gorton. It officially became Manchester City FC in 1894 and has since then gone onto win the European Cup Winners Cup, six League Championship titles, including four Premier League titles (2012, 2014, 2018, 2019), andsixFA Cups.Manchester City FC is one of eleven clubs comprising the City Football Group and counts New York City FC and Melbourne City FC among its sister clubs.

Under manager Pep Guardiola, one of the most highly decorated managers in world football, the Club plays its domestic and UEFA Champions League home fixtures at the Etihad Stadium, a spectacular55,000 seat arena that City have called home since 2003. Today, the Stadium sits on the wider Etihad Campus, which also encompasses the City Football Academy, a state-of-the-art performance training and youth development facility located in the heart of East Manchester. Featuring a 7,000 capacity Academy Stadium, the City Football Academy is also where Manchester City Womens Football Club and the Elite Development Squad trainon a daily basisand play their competitive home games.

About Midea & Midea Group

Midea is one of over 10 brands within the home appliance business of Midea Group a leading global high-technology company ranked #307 at 2020s Global Fortune 500. Midea Groups business goes beyond home appliances and comprises business pillars like HVAC, robotics and automation, smart home and IoT, as well as smart logistics and components. All businesses of Midea Group are striving for one credo: #HumanizingTechnology.

Midea Home Appliances brand offers one of the worlds most comprehensive product ranges in the home appliance industry, specializing in air-treatment (commercial and residential air conditioning solutions), refrigeration, laundry, large kitchen and cooking appliances, small kitchen appliances, water appliances, floor care and lighting.

Midea believes in providing surprisingly friendly solutions by adopting a consumer-centric and problem-solving approach. Going above and beyond for the future, constantly exploring, and inventing to meet the ever-changing demand of our consumers enabling them to make yourself at home, which also is the brands slogan.

Midea is, among many others, the worlds #1 Air Treatment Brand [1], the worlds #1 Small Cooking Appliances Brand [2] and the worlds #1 Rice Cookers Brand[3] .

Mideas globally 34 production centers and over 150,000 employees in more than 200 countries and regions generated an annual revenue of more than USD 40.5 billion in 2019. Mideas 28 worldwide innovation centers and the strong commitment to R&D have resulted in more than 50,000 authorized patents to-date.




[1]Midea Worlds No.1 Air Treatment Brand

Source: Euromonitor International (Shanghai) Limited; Consumer Appliances 21ed, retail volume sales in units, 2020 data.

[2]Midea Worlds No.1 Small Cooking Appliances Brand

Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 20ed retail volume sales in units, 2019 data.

[3]Midea Worlds No.1 Rice Cookers Brand

Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 20ed retail volume sales in units, 2019 data.

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Female-Founded and Owned, First-to-Market Women's Health Company pH-D Feminine Health Announces Revenues Doubled to $12MM in 2020, Will More Than...

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