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But like with everything unknown, there is a fair bit of hesitation in taking the shot, primarily due to the number of rumours spewed all over the internet and messenger apps. Women are particularly hesitant because of its possible impact on either fertility or those expecting a child, or nursing mothers. They are wary of taking the vaccine because these supposed side effects may permeate to the child they are having or nursing.

That said, not all of the concerns women have are baseless, and some of the apprehensions people have of possible side effects may, in fact, hold ground. However, on the flip side, the impact of the terrible consequences of actually contracting the virus is right there in front of us.

Can pregnant women get vaccinated?As such, our Ministry of Health has contraindicated the use of the vaccine in pregnant females considering the lack of studies on this. But most associations of gynaecologists world over have said that, since pregnancy with Covid is a very high-risk condition, it is recommended that the benefit of the vaccine should be extended to pregnant females as well. The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) has also advised that all pregnant females should get vaccinated as soon as possible.


Can breastfeeding women take the vaccine?Yes, they can. Gynaecological societies world over have said that it is safe to breastfeed. While the research is limited, so far, there are no known adverse effects on the baby. In fact, there is a passage of protective antibodies to the child, which may have a beneficial effect. However, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India is yet to make changes in recommendations in accordance with other countries associations.

There are rumours that women shouldn't take the vaccine five days before and after their menstrual cycle and not during their periods. Can you get vaccinated during this time?

Will getting the vaccine have any kind of effect on your periods?No, not at such. But yes, anxiety and stress can definitely make your periods irregular so be calm and relaxed and get yourself vaccinated, especially now that the vaccine is available to every adult.

Can the vaccine affect women's fertility?

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COVID-19 vaccines and womens health: Dispelling myths on periods, pregnancy and breastfeeding - Business Insider India

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