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You finally know who Peter Weber ended up with on The Bachelor, but it was a loooong and tough journey to get there. And clearly, the drama in Pilot Petes love life is far from over.

Quick recap: As it stands now, Peters together with Madison Prewett (after ending his engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss), and Peters entire family kinda-sorta-totally hates the fact that hes with Madi. The main issue: Theyre worried that conservative Madi will try to change their party-loving son.

Peters mom Barbara was a big focus on last nights After the Final Rose show, where she made it clear that shes 100 percent not cool with Peters latest relationship. After she came out hot against Madi, she leaned over to Peters dad, Peter Sr., and whispered something to him in Spanish. After that, Peter Sr. also said he has some major concerns about the latest development in his sons love life.

So, what did Barb say? Its not totally clear, but fans are falling over themselves trying to figure it out. Well, social media sleuths are on the case, and they all seem to agree that Barb told Peter Sr. to back her up. Outside of that, there's some serious debate.

One fan on Twitter claims, per Reality Steve, that this is what Barb said: Dile algo mal tambien, ayudame. Translation: Say something bad, too. Help me.

Head on over to Reddit, where plenty of people think Barb said something super similar. My hubby, who speaks Spanish, said she only said 'Say something to help me.' Not much better, but not as bad, one wrote. I speak Spanish too and she a hundred percent said di algo mal which is literally say something bad, another chimed in.

But some people argue that Barb said di algo mas, which translates to say something as well. Especially bc Cubans often dont pronounce their s sounds at the end of words. I thought she said mal but ms honestly makes more sense considering, one person said. Mal wouldn't fit correctly in that sentence, it would be malo if she were using it in that context. Mal means wrong, malo means bad, someone else said.

Whatever the deal, Barb made it clear she wanted Peter Sr. to chime in too. Either way, Peter's fam = not huge fans of Madi, that much is clear.

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'Bachelor' Fans Figured Out What Peter Weber's Mom Barbara Said To His Dad In Spanish - Women's Health

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