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If you are pregnant in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it's understandable if you're worried about going into a hospital.

A Vancouver-based obstetrician understands this concern and says hospitals are taking precautions to make sure pregnant womenand their familiesare not at risk of exposure when attendingpre-natal appointments or delivering their baby.

Dr. Astrid Christoffersen-Deb,an obstetrician at B.C. Women's Hospital, joined CBC'sThe Early EditionFriday toexplain what measures are being taken at the facility to protect expectant mothers.

"We are putting a lot of measures [and]precautions in place to keep you, your child and your family safe," saidChristoffersen-Deb.

Christoffersen-Deb said that at B.C. Women's Hospitalthose measures include limiting the number of people in waiting rooms and prescreening everyone who comes in for symptoms of the virus.

People are also screened to make sure they have not been exposed, even if they are not exhibiting symptoms.

Health-care staff are also practising social distancing whenever possible, andChristoffersen-Deb said the utmost attention is being paid to hand washing and hygiene, which she said is always the case formedical professionals.

She said the hospitals are still capable of conductingbusiness as usual with pregnant patients and have not been overwhelmed as of yet by coronavirus patients.

"We can actually continue to provide essential care that is family-friendly and family-centred over the course of this epidemic as it continues to unfold."

Expectant mothers are also still allowed to bring their doulas into the delivery room at this time.

According to Christoffersen-Deb, pregnant women do not appear to be more susceptible to the novel coronavirus based on evidence from the initial outbreakin China.

However, she said pregnant women tend to have a harder time with respiratory illnesses of any kind compared to others and should always get a flu shot for this reason.

Listen to the complete interview withDr. Astrid Christoffersen-Deb on The Early Edition:

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