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Cathleen Mackenzie was nearing her due date when the couple said they no longer wanted the babies. She had no idea what she should do next.

A mother-of-four who was acting as a surrogate for a couple was shocked when the parents-to-be decided to pull out of the arrangement when she was already pregnant with twins. The mother, hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, opened up about her incredible story in a piece for The Sun.

Cathleen Mackenzie, 29, became pregnant for the first time at a young age 17-years old to be exact. She said that she and her boyfriend Josh were surprised by the pregnancy, but despite their young age, they were determined to raise their daughter Alexandra who is now 12-years-old. Two years later, in 2010, the couple welcomed their son, Gabriel, now 10. The young parents were married shortly after. They went on to welcome another child, Evan, 8, though they split up shortly after. Cathleen later had a daughter, Willow, 5, from a new relationship.

Before having her youngest two children, Cathleen felt compelled to become a surrogate. Shed had an enjoyable experience with her first two pregnancies, and wanted to help other families welcome children. In the article, she explained her motivation wasnt money. In fact, in Canada, surrogates cant be directly paid for their services. They can only be reimbursed in expense. I just wanted to help others, Cathleen wrote.

She began looking into surrogacy shortly after her eldestsecond child was born in 2010, and the same year, she connected with a British couple whom she identified as Alice and James, through a surrogacy forum. After talking back and forth, the trio decided to move forward with the process. While they planned to use the husbands sperm, Cathleen agreed to use her own eggs. Alice and James flew to Canada when they were ready to begin the procedure.

I met Alice and James for the first time after they flew over the following month for the insemination, and we hugged tightly, Cathleen wrote. James produced his sample in the bathroom before I inseminated myself with a syringe. Only a week later, a pregnancy test came back positive. Even more, at the 8-week scan, Cathleen was informed she was carrying twins. Though the expectant mother was offered a selective reduction, Alice and James said they wanted both babies.

However, things wentawry only a month later. Nearing the 12-week mark, Cathleen recalls that the couple hadnt paid herthe agreed-upon allowance. When she was 20-weeks along, she said Alice stopped communicating with her. At one point, James told her the two of them were splitting up, though he still wanted the twins. When she was 27-weeks along, Cathleen got shocking news from James he said he no longer wanted to raise the babies. When the expectant surrogate said shed have no choice but to place the babies up for adoption, James responded by saying that was okay.

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Cathleen explains she and her husband werent in a financial or emotional position to raise the twins themselves, but they luckily knew of a local couple, named Sophie and Vincent, who had been trying to adopt. The hopeful parents were there when the surrogate when into labor prematurely at 32-weeks. Cathleen recalls that Sophie and Vincent had a private investigator track down James, who agreed to sign his rights away so they could adopt the babies. The babies spent a few weeks in the NICU, but afterward, they went home with their adoptive parents, Sophie and Vincent.

Despite the harrowing experience, Cathleen says it didnt deter her from being a surrogate again, explaining shes acted as a gestational and traditional surrogate four times since then, meaning shes been pregnant nine times in a little over a decade. She says shed be thrilled if any of her surrogate children reached out to her in the future, but for now, shes focusing on raising her large brood of four kids.

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Source: The Sun

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