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Is Wanda Maximoff really in control of Westview, or is she merely a pawn in the game ofa more sinistervillain? WandaVision continues to follow a puzzle-box formula, with each new episode introducing just as many questions as it answers. With four more chapters left in the season, theories as to what is going on and who is to blame for Westview's misfortune remain central to the show's intrigue and fun.

On the surface,eachnew episode of WandaVisionhas struck a nail in the coffin of Wanda's heroism as we learn more about the strange sitcomworld and her supposedrole in its creation. WandaVisionepisode 5 "On A Very Special Episode..." does little to clear her name as the series' main antagonist, thanks to a confrontation with Director Hayward and the agents of S.W.O.R.D. which is downright scary. Draggingthe wreckage of a drone that attempted to take her outmoments before, Wanda emerges from the mysterious Westview bubble (aptly renamed "The Hex" by Darcy) and asks simply, "Is this yours?" Showing an eerie disregard of the scores of weapons now aimed directly at her, Wanda looks at Hayward and says, "This will be your only warning. Stay out of my home." Ending her the conversation by mind-controlling the gun-wielding agents to direct theirguns at Hayward, Wanda goes back through the Hex looking like the very picture of a woman in control of the situation.

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But Monica Rambeau - who finished WandaVision episode 4 by concluding that "it's all Wanda" - seems to be having second thoughts. Like segments of the show's audience trying to piece together the mystery, Monica (along with Darcy and Jimmy) are beginning to think there is more to the story, rebuffing Hayward's suggestion that Wanda is a terrorist. Monica defends Wanda, challenging "I don't believe this is a premeditated act of aggression,"setting the stage for her own journey to discover the truth. As Monica continues to unravel WandaVision's mystery,here's a list of thethe likeliest conclusions she will reach by series' end.

Even before the first episode cameto Disney+, WandaVision's premise appeared to be based on the "House of M" storylinefrom the comics. In the wake of the devastating loss of her children, a bereaved Scarlet Witch breaks the main Marvel timeline, creating a new reality in which she is with them again, her father Magneto is all-powerful, and those around her are generally happy - albeit unaware that they are living in a fantasy. It is becoming increasingly clear that, in WandaVision, Wanda is hell-bent oncontinuing to live in her Westview Wonderland as a means to keep Vision alive after his death in Avengers: Infinity War. As with the comic book source material, Wanda seems primarily motivated by her overwhelming grief and, while it is unclear how much she is consciously controlling, she doesn't seem too bothered by the removal of her Westview neighbors' agency as they adopt new roles in her perfect sitcom world.

Wanda has certainly done some things in recent weeks to arouse suspicion. She aggressively banished Monica from The Hex after discovering her ties to S.W.O.R.D., presumably to keep her from exposing the truth to Vision. Wanda has been seen manipulating and editing scenes within the confines of her artificial reality, rewinding time or imposing awkward jump cuts so that events play out in ways more conducive to a traditional sitcom. In addition to seeing her confront the threat outside of Westview, WandaVision episode 5 all but confirms that she is somehow reanimating Vision's corpse (which she stole it from a S.W.O.R.D. facility) - an act which is both creepy and unethical.

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WandaVision istrying hard to convince its audience that Wanda is the series' big bad - which, in all likelihood, probably means that she is something of a red herring. With several more episodes to go and the shocking twist involving Evan Peters' Quicksilver arriving in the MCU, there is clearly something larger at play here - something or someone who may really be pulling the strings. At the end of episode 5, Wanda seemsgenuinelyconfused by Vision's accusations, asking, "Do you really think I am controlling everything? That I am somehow in charge of everybody in Westview?" In truth, while Wanda has displayed some extraordinary abilities in the past, such a feat would be unprecedented in the context of the MCU. How did she get her massive power upgrade after her resurrection in Avengers: Endgame? We will need to see more of where Wanda was and who she met in the weeks leading up to the Westview anomaly.

Despite her banishment by Wanda in WandaVision episode 3, Monica concludes that because she wasn't hurt, at least a part of Wanda meant to keep her safe. Similarly, she notes that Wanda could have had the effects of the mind-control expand far outside the Hex's boundaries, suggesting that Wanda is imposing her own quarantine to protect others. These ideas may be the show's way of planting seeds that the heroic version of Wanda - whoproved a dedicated and selflessAvenger during the Infinity Saga - is still somewhere belowthe angryand grief-ridden exterior.

Something's definitely off about Agnes, the character played by Kathryn Hahn.Since her arrival in WandaVision episode 1, Agnes has been a mysterious figure, always arriving just in time to assist Wanda and seemingly more aware of what's going than Westview's other residents are. In episode 3, Agnes seemed to be pressuring Herb into keeping some secret from a suspicious Vision. In episode 5, she hovers disquietingly over the twins Tommy and Billy, assuming the role of their "aunt" and being unruffled by their rapid aging. Suspiciously, Agnes was the one who found their dog Sparky, who died under some strange circumstances.

It seems likely that Agnes is actually the MCU's version of Agatha Harkness, a character from Marvel Comics with deep ties to Scarlet Witch. A mentor to Wanda in ways of witchcraft, Agatha later betrayed her, wiping her mind of memories involving her sons when Wanda learned they were really manifestations of her reality-bending powers. Given Wanda's comfort around Agnes, it would be unsurprising if she knew Wanda prior to the events of the first episode. Maybe Agnes helped Wanda to resurrect Vision with a spell, assisting herto tap into witchy powers - just as Agatha did in the comics. There is also Agnes' unseen husband Ralph, whom many have speculated could turn out to be a malevolentmaster Agnes is serving.

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After making an impactful entrance in WandaVision episode 2, Dottie (played by Emma Caufield) hasn't figured into the story much. However, given Agnes' introduction of Dottie as "the key to everything around here," it is possible that more will be revealed in coming weeks. Dottie - like Agnes - was not clearly identified as a resident of Westview on Jimmy Woo's helpful whiteboard, leadingsome to believe that she may even be the show's secret villain orchestrating the unsettling events. Notably, Dottie led the off-putting "for the children" chant preceding Wanda's strange and unexpected pregnancy, perhaps hinting at her own agenda for the creation of the two boys who, in the comics, become the superheroes Wiccan and Speed. From WandaVision's trailers, we know this isn't the last we'll see of Dottie, so she - and her roses which ominously "bloom under the penalty of death" - will be worth tracking.

S.W.O.R.D. Acting Director Tyler Hayward has been acting increasingly shifty and antagonistic.During his introduction inWandaVision episode 4, Hayward was affable enough, almost paternal in his welcoming of Monica back to S.W.O.R.D after The Blip. Since arriving to the outskirts of The Hex, however, he as routinely demeaned his team, including audience surrogates Darcy and Jimmy, a clear sign that he is not to be trusted.Hayward continually contradicts Monica (whose expertise and experiences inside Westview would ostensibly be of value) and seems unafraid to escalate the situation by attacking Wanda (whom he labels a terrorist) without warning.Does he wantto silence Wanda before she reveals a closely-guardedsecret regarding S.W.O.R.D.?

Given their interaction outside of The Hex in episode 5, that is certainly a possibility. During the exchange, Wanda directs much of her fury toward Hayward and calls him "Director," suggesting that she knows who he is. Earlier, Hayward shared video footage of Wanda stealing Vision's corpse, which he claimed went against Vision's wishes ofhaving his body used as a weapon. However, in the footage, Vision wasshown to be pulled apart, surrounded by scientists and agents. Perhaps it was Hayward who had plans to repurpose Vision's corpse for his own nefarious means before Wandafoiled his plans. If Hayward really is acting in his own interest, it would be far from the first time a major organization within the MCU has been infiltrated by a leader with villainous intent.

The final seconds of WandaVision episode 5 shocked fans byseemingly bringingEvan Peters' version of Quicksilver from Fox's X-Men franchise into the MCU, replacing Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Pietro from Avengers: Age of Ultron. With the revelation coming so late into the runtime, it's hard to tell what this means exactly. Many believe that Peters' arrival is confirmation that Marvel's Multiverse (teased in a handful of upcoming projects) is finally open, officially canonizing past Marvel franchises (from Fox, Netflix, etc.) that now fall under the same corporate umbrella. Will it be revealed that the Hex really an entrance to the Multiversethat allowed for Fox's Quicksilver to sneak into WandaVision and the larger MCU?

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There is also the possibility that Peters is merely playing another citizen drafted into the action andthe show's creators aremaking a meta-joke. There have been many references toQuicksilverin WandaVisionso far, so it could be that Wanda (who claims she's not responsible for his arrival) is somehow manifesting him or casting a member of the town to play him. Wanda's reaction to seeing this version of her brother is difficult to read, but since she hugs him, it's clear that she is willing to at least go along with it. Could someone else have brought him into Westview to toy with her or distract her? Maybe Wanda will come to realize that this version of Pietro is really an unwelcome imposter.

Someof the more pervasive theoriesregardingWandaVision's endgame have to do with Mephisto, who shares a dark history with Scarlet Witch and Vision in the comics.Based onMephistopheles,a demon from Faust, fragments of thedevilish super-villain's soul were inadvertently repurposed by Wanda when creating her children Billy and Tommy. This event, which paved a way for Scarlet Witch's House of M breakdown, was covered in The Vision and The Scarlet Witch series in 1985 - a major inspiration forWandaVision.

Mephisto also has ties to Agatha Harkness, making Agnes' cryptic lines that allude to the Devil, witchcraft, and darkness another signthat he could be arriving.Agnes memorably introduces her pet rabbit as "Seor Scratchy," perhaps a reference to "Old Scratch" or "Mr. Scratch," both nicknames for the Devil. Mysterious figures like Dottie, Ralph, and Pietrocould actually be Mephisto in disguise as he controls Wanda and the goings-on of Westview. There is also the possibility that Wanda made some kind of devil's bargain prior to episode 1 - an agreement that allowed Vision to come back to life within the confines of the Hex. Withhis connection to the twins and Westview's cultish creed of "For the Children," it's no surprise that Mephistois a prime suspect for WandaVision's main villain.

Another theory gaining momentum is that Nightmare is WandaVision's lurkingantagonist. In the comics, Nightmare is the extremely powerful ruler of the "Dream Dimension," a strange plane of existence where he feeds on and weaponizes the fears of his victims. In WandaVision episode 5, Monica describes her experience in the Hex, saying, "There was this feeling keeping me down. This hopeless feeling. Like drowning. It was grief." Considering how prominent themes of grief and trauma are in WandaVision, is it possible that the MCU's version of Nightmare brings people under his spell by capitalizing on his victims' griefs as well as their fears? Could he be the one controlling Wanda as she fights to combat her considerable sadness, accounting for her confusion?

Given what we know of Phase 4's coming projects, Nightmareis a strong candidate for a villain in a larger MCU Multiverse-related story. Nightmare is primarily a Doctor Strange antagonist, whichis noteworthy since Wanda herself is slated to appear next in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Kevin Feige has said that the events of WandaVision tie into the Doctor Strange sequel, so perhaps the Disney+ series present Nightmare as a threat that would necessitate the team-up of Marvel's two most powerful magic-wielders.

WandaVision's answer as to who's controlling Westview may end up being any combination of these theories. Given the nature of the show, it is also quite possible that the MCU's most ambitious and risky project to date will surprise us in ways we simply can't yet predict. Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige, showrunner Jac Shaeffer, and director Matt Shakman have crafted a story where week-to-week speculation and combing through evidence is all part of the fun. With all the twists and turns still to come, you're right Wanda, "we just don't know what to expect."

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