Best Surrogacy Agency in UK for Surrogacy Support in UK and US

Michael & Wes Johnson Ellis

Michael and Wes are the co-founders of My Surrogacy Journey and are Dads to their two children born via UK independent Surrogacy. Talulah was born in 2016, and Duke was born in 2019.

They built their family through friendship and developed a solid relationship with their gestational surrogate, Caroline and her family. When it came to finding an egg donor Michael and Wes also had additional help from two incredible women. One was anonymous via their clinic, and the other a friend. Their known donor is My Surrogacy Journeys third co-founder, Francesca Steyn.

Michael and Wes are also no stranger to campaigning for change, in relation to the Surrogacy Law Reform in the UK, Government policy related to surrogates and intended parents and also educating Healthcare professionals in relation to UK Surrogacy.

They also understand that there is a growing need for Surrogacy support globally, with surrogacy births growing year on year in the UK, and parental orders of those children born abroad also reflecting similar increases.

The trying to conceive (TTC) community demographic is also evolving too. With a rising trend of millennials moving away from traditional social media platforms such as Facebook, combined with busy work and social schedules, its time to rethink how the TTC community is supported. The way people interact online has changed dramatically over the last five years. So through greater professional, practical, and emotional support, with individualised membership and greater options to create a family, they have built something different, something like no other organisation has done before.

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Best Surrogacy Agency in UK for Surrogacy Support in UK and US

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