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You may have heard of the new New York Child Parent Security Act (CPSA). No? Well let me tell you about it. It passed last session, as part of Governor Andrew Cuomos budget, and officially became effective as of yesterday, February 15, 2021. Happy Presidents Day, everyone!

Although Cuomo certainly has become known for other, less successful, moments in the past 12 months, the CPSA, by contrast, is a major success. Aside from Gloria Steinems strange arguments that the CPSA is a mistake, and that the government *should* control womens choices over their bodies and pregnancy, what do New York attorneys need to know about the new law?

These points are, as you can imagine, merely the tip of the iceberg.For more information, check out these informational interviews by my own firms New York ART attorney, Rachel Wexler,who spoke with noted New York legal experts, including many who were instrumental in drafting the CPSA and advocating for its passage over the past decade.

Denise Seidelman, New York assisted reproductive technology attorney and a Director of the New York Attorneys for Adoption and Family Formation (NYAAFF), a major force behind the CPSA, explained that because New York is one of the last states to allow compensated surrogacy, the legislature had the benefit of the knowledge gained in this field across the country. As a result, the detailed requirements of the CPSA ensure that only surrogacy arrangements employing best practices will be legally enforceable.

So buckle up New Yorkers. Its a whole new world in the Empire State, for the better. But make sure you understand the law before you dive into the deep end of assisted reproductive technology issues. With new laws brings lots of opportunities, including opportunities to get it wrong.

Ellen Trachman is the Managing Attorney ofTrachman Law Center, LLC, a Denver-based law firm specializing in assisted reproductive technology law, and co-host of the podcastI Want To Put A Baby In You. You can reach her atbabies@abovethelaw.com.

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6 Things New York Attorneys Need To Know About The New Surrogacy Law - Above the Law

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