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The ABC wants to catch the eye of millennials by broadcasting news through Instagram videos.

While our parents or grandparents may be content with sitting down in front of the tv for news at 6pm or 7pm, thats not always the case for millennials.

Instead, were hooked on our phones to get our news, through the bounty of social media sites. According to Roy Morgan, millennials and Generation Z are more likely to say they get their news from the internet over other forms of media like free to air tv. And the main source of online news is through social media.

To get the attention of millennials, the ABC has decided to trial news delivered through Instagram videos. It wants to test out a different tone and focus on topics that younger audiences care about by publishing vertically-oriented social media videos.

We knew it was important that, instead of trying to lure young people toward a radio or television most of them dont even own, we needed to bring the news, in a palatable form, to them, the ABC said on its website.

The stories are made by young people for young people and are influenced by what our young audiences have told us they want to know, ABC said.

The videos are going to be experimental to determine what younger audiences want, with the broadcaster acknowledging, Some of the stories might flop, some might strike a chord we didnt know would resonate.

Heres a video the ABC made on what its like to be a sperm donor:

Other broadcasters have been targeting audiences through social media. Al Jazeera has Al Jazeera Plus which covers current affairs through videos is posts on Facebook as well as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. The stories are either short, bite-sized clips on a certain topic or slightly longer videos with presenters that go in-depth on an issue.

NBC News has a daily news show on Snapchat named Stay Tuned which has between 25 million and 35 million unique viewers a month, according to Digiday. The report added that the Stay Tuned audience is younger than the viewers NBC usually gets on its network, with 75% under 25 years old.

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The ABC is trialling news videos on Instagram, in a bid to grab the attention of millennials - Business Insider Australia

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