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The producers dont waste any time and get straight to the confrontation between Roo, Alf, Kieran and Martha.

Alf has filled Roo in about Kierans history of domestic violence and they are both chomping at the bit to kick him out of their lives for good.

We have to be smart about this, Roo says to Alf.

But what happens next isnt exactly smart because theyve forgotten that Martha has been conned by a master manipulator.

They tell Martha about the evidence Roo found empty bottles behind the van but Martha has just had a quick quality brain washing sesh with Kieran right before he takes a swig from his stash at the gym.

Mum, hes lying to us, Roo says to Martha.

You know what hes capable of Martha, Alf chimes in.

Roo says from what shes seen of his behaviour, its intimidating and frightening.

But its all in vain because Martha doesnt want to damage her relationship with her son.

So Roo and Alf approach Kieran at the Surf Club so everyone can hear about the very private goings-on in their family.

Keiran is on the defensive immediately.

Both of you have had it in for me, he says.

His aggression quickly escalates and suddenly Kieran comes as Alf but Justin who just days ago has such sore muscles, he thought he was dying is there to break it up.

Roo and Alf call the police and turns out hes wanted on domestic violence charges and Martha is in hysterics when they cops come to the van.

I know youd made your minds up and now hes gone. Why couldnt you have just stayed out of it? she says and runs off.

I would love for this to be the end of Kieran but you never know with these guest roles, some of them reappear another two or three times, like in the case of Ryders daddo Evan and long lost twin Owen.

Next is Jasmine, my undisputed favourite.

She finds the newspaper with Colbys mug splayed across it and knows that he cant be her sperm donor anymore.

But Lewis familiar face appears and hell do.

Theres a permanent position at the hospital and he wants to know how Jasmine would feel if they worked together.

But shes a little distracted by Deans moping presence and she tells him he has to step up for Bella.

Back to Lewis and Jas tells Lewis hed be working very closely with Christian his arch nemesis if he goes for the job.

Lewis aka Poor Depp knows how the turn on the charm when he needs to and thinks hes ready to make peace with the past and forgive Budget McDreamy.

But I dont think this is the last weve seen of Lewis plans to pin the Doc for allegedly killing his wife.

Meanwhile, Irene has noticed Jasmines relationship with her old friend blooming.

I have seen some flirting in my time and you pair are nailing it, Irene says.

Jas catches us up with Lewis again (I know, three times in a day) if thats not keen I dont know what is where their hands touch for a moment.

But she quickly flees when memories of dead Robbo overcome her.

Finally Bella gets some closure around Colby and we really know that hes not coming back.

Shes starting to second guess everything she thought she knew about her brother, because hes now murdered not one but two people.

Ryder gives her a bit of a pep talk and explains that she and Dean are in the same difficult position and still adjusting.

When Colby was in hospital I went to visit home and I gave him some advice, Dean says to Bella.

I told him he needed to make a stand for himself. I told him to do whatever he needed to do to survive.

Bella looks like shes about to run away to never return but she hugs Dean because she knows that Colby did what it took to not get killed himself.

And Leah is going to throw Tori and Budget McDreamy a surprise engagement party.

It will be the best surprise engagement party ever and hopefully the setting for a lot of drama since all the cast will be there.

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