Gujarat`s first trans doctor freezes sperm to become a mother in future – Zee News

New Delhi: In a first of its kind, a trans woman from Gujarat, Dr Jesnoor Dayara, preserved her sperms at Dr Nayana Patels hospital in Anand, so that she can be a biological parent and a mother to her child in future.

Dr Jesnoor Dayara was born a man, but she always felt like a woman. In an interview with The Times of India, Dr Dayara confessed, I came in touch with my reality and dared to live like a woman. It was liberating.

Dr Dayara did her MBBS from Russia and is gearing up for her future studies. She is prepping up for the Medical Council of India examination so that she can practice medicine in India. Also, she is supposed to undergo sex-change surgery later this year.

It is Dr Dayaras dream to mother a child that is biologically hers. Goddess Kali has given me the strength to become a woman. A woman can be a father, a mother, and a friend as the need arises, she told TOI. A uterus does not make a mother, a loving heart does, she further added.

Dr Dayara will undertake the journey to motherhood once she is ready. She will opt for surrogacy in which she will use her frozen sperms and will require an egg donor and a surrogate mother, who will carry the embryo- that is developed in a laboratory by mixing her sperms with a biological woman donors egg- in her uterus.

However, in India, according to The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2019, LGBTQ couples, live-in couples, and single males cannot opt for surrogacy in India. Commenting on the bill, which is yet to be passed by the Upper House of Parliament, Dr Dayara told TOI, As a country, we need to be compassionate to each humans biological desires.

Dr Dayara is open to seeking surrogacy options throughout the globe, to fulfill her urge of becoming a mother and a biological parent. It has taken a lot of courage for me to accept myself and make my family and society accept me. I want to write a new chapter for myself and for others like me by becoming a biological parent.

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Gujarat`s first trans doctor freezes sperm to become a mother in future - Zee News

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