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Spoiler alert for Seasons 1 to 4

Five successful seasons later, the new favorite comedy-drama series on Netflix will be back with its latest season. The sixth season is about to drop on the streaming network this January and we cannot be more excited to see the lovely ladies back on screen.

In five years, since their husbands left them for each other, Grace Hanson (Jane Fonda) and Frankie Bergstein (Lily Tomlin) have come a long way in their friendship, personal growth, and in their innovative business.

But before we jump into what's coming next, let's quickly rewind into last season. While the families and friends celebrate the newly-wed Bud and Allison at their wedding dinner, Grace quietly leaves with Nick. As the season ends, we see disclosing to Frankie that she and Nick got married the night before in Vegas.

Elsewhere, Brianna and Barry are struggling with Barrys decision to become the sperm donor for his friends. Coyote is trying to ward off his loneliness, after Buds marriage, while Mallory continues her dating spree. Then theres Robert and Sol. Our favorite couple has finally found peace in their relationship after a few ups and downs with their social life and hobbies.

So, what's in store this season?

When Season 5 ended, it promised us something big that might happen and that will change Grace and Frankies life and their friendship. But could it just be Grace and Nick's marriage? Or is Frankie's life also about to turn?

The exciting trailer is like a two-minute flash ride through the future of the two wonderful women. As the preview shows, Grace will be seen adjusting to her newly-wed life with Nick, while Frankie will struggle to cope with Graces absence and living alone in the beach house. She might meet someone, but whether they will move forward with something more serious or not is what we need to wait and watch. Meanwhile, Sol and Robert could be facing a challenge with Sol's health issues.

Back to the besties, Grace and Frankie will be back in business and take their partnership to the next level with a brand new business idea. What's more! See the senior female entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors on the hit reality show, 'Shark Tank'.

With these and more, there are a lot of changes we will see with all of our favorite characters on the show. From new relationships to turnarounds of the old ones, Season 6 will cover a lot of interesting angles and answer the burning questions that Season 5 left us with.

If you have not caught up with the last season, it's time to do it right away! And if you are updated with Grace and Frankie's life for the last five years, here's the trailer in what's coming this year.

'Grace And Frankie' Season 6 premiers on Netflix on January 15.

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'Grace and Frankie' Season 6 preview: Here's what the Netflix comedy has in store for the upcoming season - MEAWW

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