Gay Doncaster couple rejected from adopting see their ‘dreams come true’ after two-year struggle to have baby – Yorkshire Live

A gay couple who have faced a two-year struggle to have a baby after being rejected by an adoption agency say their "dreams have come true" after they became dads for the first time.

Engaged Harvey Cooper, 30, and Adam Williams, 25, have welcomed their son Jacob into the world with the help of a surrogate mum.

The pair, who met five years ago, had always known they wanted kids but suffered a heart-breaking setback two years ago when an adoption agency turned them away for health reasons, as Adam has had three kidney transplants.

The pair went back to the drawing board and ended up striking up a friendship through family friends with an incredible woman called Naomi Chetwood, 26.

Last year she agreed to be their surrogate and speaking after the birth she said she wouldnt change the experience for the world.

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The trio decided Harvey would donate the sperm and that Naomi would provide the egg as well as carrying the baby.

Harvey and Adam, from Doncaster, say their dreams came true at 5am on January 31, when little Jacob was born weighing 8lbs 3oz.

Harvey, a photographer, said: It feels unreal to finally be a dad, so surreal. Even now I look at Jacob and think, wow, thats my baby, I cant quite believe it.

He is perfect, we couldnt be any happier to have him.

Naomi said: Im so glad I have had the pleasure of helping a family become complete, nothing is ever going to compare to this experience.

"I kept the journey very quiet for the most part of it, but thats because I wanted to enjoy it. It was my experience and journey to go on and discover.

My very, very supportive wife has made everything possible beside me and has played a massive part in things.

"Towards the end, I was a bit poorly leading up to little mans birth, but both of his parents and my wife have gone above and beyond to make sure Im okay and done anything possible to help me.

"I wouldnt change any aspect of this for the world. The feeling, I just cant explain it.

Harvey, who has been a sperm donor before, said he met his partner over Facebook around five years ago and that they hit it off immediately.

He added: On one of our first dates we spoke about children and both agreed that we wanted them. It was great to know that we were on the same page.

I wanted kids even before that so this has been a long time coming for me, it feels amazing and quite surreal to finally be a dad.

Harvey said it was heart-breaking to be denied adoption around two years ago due to fears from the agency over Adams health, as he had three kidney transplants before the age of 17.

The couple decided to go down the surrogate route after that and were lucky enough to have a friend who offered to help.

Harvey said: Its a really incredible thing to do for someone Shes amazing, we cant thank her enough.

He wants to talk publicly about the process of having a baby via surrogate to try and educate other couples about the option.

Harvey said: People imagine that its a really difficult and long process but for us, it wasnt at all, it was easy.

Others go through agencies and stuff like that but if you have a surrogate whos a friend that isnt needed.

We just trusted her and she trusted us.

While the surrogate required professional medical care during the pregnancy the insemination itself was done at home using a syringe.

Harvey said it could be done simply by buying a few things from Amazon.

He added that in the eyes of the law he essentially had a baby with Naomi and is now taking custody of the baby.

The trios main stumbling block was Covid-19 and the limitations it placed on their movement, as Naomi lives 100 miles away in Wolverhampton.

Despite struggling to get to appointments they managed to get through the process without any major hiccups.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, a limited number of people could be at the birth, so Adam had to wait outside while Harvey was in the room with Naomi.

After the birth, Adam gave Jacob his first feed from a bottle after Harvey cut the umbilical cord - and they changed his first nappy together.

Now back at home in Doncaster, Harvey said they are a happy family of three.

He added: In this day and age we hope it will be fine bringing up a child with two dads, although Im sure he will be asked, wheres mum?, a few times.

We want to have more children in the future so hopefully Jacob will have a brother or sister sometime soon.

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