Victoria Beckham Eating For A Fourth Pregnancy

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is now famous for being the wife of British soccer star David Beckham and for having three beautiful sons together. The rail thin singer and model though is now reportedly putting on some weight in order to get pregnant for a fourth child; a girl this time around, the couple hopes.

Victoria Beckham reportedly is on a diet of steamed vegetables and fish which is not conducive to optimum fertility. Though this is a healthy diet, it is not ideal in order to conceive, particularly since she is now in her mid 30’s.

victoria beckhamIn the event, the mother of three has been told she has to have more carbs and put on a bit of weight if she wants to be the mother of four!

Though having promised to eat more carbs, Posh Spice still refuses to eat junk in order to gain the weight, and she will continue to eat healthy.

While she has the problem of putting on weight, most of us need to lose some weight before getting pregnant because of the real problems associated with being overweight before and during pregnancy.

So whether one has to lose weight or gain weight, it is important to be a healthy optimum weight before getting pregnant.

Source: The Sun

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