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The Vampire Diaries had established that a vampire cant get pregnant, yet in Season 7, Caroline Forbes gives births to twins.

In The Vampire Diaries,one of the prime reasons Elena Gilbert never enjoys being a vampire is the fact thather transformation has rendered her sterile. As she can never have kids, she is ready to take the cure, even if it cuts short Damons eternity plans with her. However, this simple concept is rendered void when the vampire Caroline Forbes gets pregnant with twins in Season 7. Instead of disturbing the establishednotion that vampires cant procreate, the makers of The Vampire Diaries found a loophole that works brilliantly to explain this impossible twist.

In the Season 6s penultimate episode, Kaiescapes from the 1903 prison world the Gemini Coven trapped him in and stabsa pregnant Jo. Kai's family join forces and chants a spell in an attempt to send him back to the prison world.However,Kai, who has vampire blood in his system, stabs himself in the neck. Since he is the covens leader, his death kills all the other members. His planis to exact revenge on the coven by wiping out every last one of them, and it seemingly works with Jos unborn twins presumably dying with her.

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In Season 7, when the Gemini witch and vampire Valerie accidentally comes upon a recording of the wedding, she recognizes the spell the covenchanted in their last moments. Itis not to imprison Kai but to safely transport the twins to a "magical fail-safe." Her spell to locate the twins leads her to Caroline, who is initially sceptic about a vampire being pregnant.

She takes a pregnancy test, even thoughshe is surethatcarrying two lives inside her "defies the physics of the Universe." While the test ends up being negative, Valerie realizes that the covenhas cloaked the twins. When she undoes the spell, the babies presenceis detected by the ultrasound, proving that Caroline is pregnant.

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The Gemini Covenhas transported the twins from a dying Jo to a surrogate who could protect the babies, which ends up being Caroline. It is also revealed the twins are siphoners, like Valerie.SinceCarolines vampire body is unable to sustain them as a human would have, they are feeding off her vampiric magic, slowly killing her. When the doctors try to do an emergency C-section, the twins dont allow the process to happen. It is only when Valerie and Bonnie create a magical wall outside her womb that allow the procedure to complete.

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