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Heres the latest news from the global pandemic.

As the delta variant sweeps across the U.S., doctors are seeing a new trend: young and healthy pregnant people ending up hospitalized on ventilators, delivering their babies prematurelyand sometimes dying from Covid-19.

This alarming trend, not seen in previous surges, is likely attributable to one U.S. statistic: 76.2% of those pregnant were unvaccinated as of Aug. 14.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologistsand the Society for Maternal and Fetal Medicine havestepped up calls in the past month for pregnant people to get vaccinated.

However, the decision to exclude pregnant people from the original clinical trials for the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccinesis still a source of reluctance for some. Relevant data havesince come out on the safety and efficacy of the vaccines, but it may not be enough.

More than three-quarters of pregnant people in the U.S.are unvaccinated, according to the CDC.

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Doctors arehighlighting studies showing how dangerous it can be for pregnant peopleto get Covid. Pregnant women with Covid-19 are 15 times more likely to die, 14 times more likely to need to be intubatedand 22 times more likely to have pre-term birth than those who are uninfected, according to a study published this monthin JAMA Network Open.

Judette Louis, chair of the University of South Florida College of Medicine Obstetrics and Gynecology, saysthe vast majority of pregnant people getting hospitalized with Covid are unvaccinated.

We did have a couple of vaccine breakthroughs that did end up needing to be hospitalized, but they did not end up on the ventilator, Louis says.

Taking care of pregnant Covid patients can also be more challenging. Their oxygen levels need to be higher to make sure the fetus also has enough, and putting someone on their belly to ease breathingknown as proningcan be more difficult if somebody is further along in their pregnancy, saysNida Qadir, associate director of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center medical ICU.

Molly Wadzeck Kraus from Trumansburg, New York, struggled over whether to get vaccinated because of the initial lack of data. Whenresults came out, she decided to get inoculatedand recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Even if there was a risk of miscarriage,Wadzeck Kraus says,I wouldve much rather risked that than risk me getting Covid and dying and leaving my two children I already have without a mom.Shira Stein

Enough doses have now been administered to fully vaccinate 32.5% of the global populationbut the distribution has been lopsided. Countries and regions with the highest incomes are getting vaccinated more than 20times faster than those with the lowest. Weve updated our vaccine tracker to allow you to explore vaccine rates vs Covid cases in a number of countries. See the latest here.

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Pregnant, Unvaccinated and Intubated - Bloomberg

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