Pregnant Jeannie Mai began IVF treatments the day of wedding to Jeezy – Page Six

The Real co-host Jeannie Mai Jenkins is currently expecting with husband, rapper Jay Jeezy Jenkins, recently revealing that she began in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments the day of their March wedding.

The very day of our wedding, March 27, we started our in vitro shots, Mai, 42, shares in anew videoon her Hello Hunnay with Jeannie Mai YouTube channel. Went for about two weeks, doing the shots with Jeezy and preparing for it, she continued, adding that after going to a routine check-up, the couple was told theyd conceived naturally.

Of course if a doctor is calling you after any doctors appointment, you start flipping out, she went on. I call the doctor, and the doctor is like, Stop taking your shots. Youre pregnant. You guys got pregnant on your own. We got pregnant a week after the wedding.

The talk-show panelist announced her pregnancy on The Real in late September, despite previously saying she never wanted children.

It feels surreal because this is the same home that I said so many defiant things. You know, I was like, I know exactly what I want, I know exactly what kind of woman I want to be, and I always said, Id never be a mom, Mai shared on the talk show.

And theres so many reasons now that are coming to fruition as to why I would have said that then, but I do know that you never say never, and that love can really change you.

While fans and Mais co-hosts had nothing but positive things to say about the reveal, the TV personalitys ex-husband,Freddy Harteis, appeared to insult his ex upon hearing the news, saying he upgraded from trash following their divorce.

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Pregnant Jeannie Mai began IVF treatments the day of wedding to Jeezy - Page Six

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