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The company, founded during the first lockdown in spring, sells adapted and flexible T-shirts, jeans, hoodies and other garments for people with illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis and Crohns disease.

Emma, who herself battles endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), says it can be tough for people with chronic conditions to find suitable clothes, leaving them spending much of their time in pyjamas or nightwear and not wanting to leave their homes.

Im Fine Attire has gone from strength to strength in its first few months based at an office in Leigh and Emma is hoping for the success to continue.

She says that as well as boosting peoples confidence the clothes can actually help people reduce the amount of pain they are in, which is especially useful in lockdown when the NHS is having to cancel a lot of non-Covid treatments and procedures.

Emma, 29, said: A lot of the symptoms of these conditions cause bloating and normal clothing doesnt have the stretch,

You end up buying ones a couple of sizes up or wearing pyjamas and staying in the house because its uncomfortable to get dressed.

I knew I had this problem and when I started researching it people with other conditions were reporting similar issues, such as discomfort around the stomach and groin areas.

Our clothes stretch up to two sizes bigger. We also have jeans where the pockets go inside.

We launched at the beginning of May and the response has been amazing. It has grown bigger than I had ever planned.

In lockdown people are stuck at home, operations are getting cancelled and they in pain. Wearing our clothing is giving them a bit of relief and being able to go out in a pair of jeans has been a really positive thing and given them confidence. Its having a big impact on their mental health.

Im Fine Attires clothes come with messages and slogans about disability empowerment on while the adapted trousers have heat pack pockets in them for pain relief and comfort.

Emma has now made the business her full-time job, having previously worked providing child care at weddings, and has two seamstresses who do the adaptations while she puts the slogans on the clothes.

Future plans include bringing out a range of adapted and comfortable office and work wear.

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Thriving Wigan business providing clothes for residents with chronic conditions - Wigan Today

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