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PCOS lifestyle: A healthy diet and regular exercise can be helpful

Experts believe that Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD) is primarily caused by a poor or sedentary lifestyle. Being physically inactive, taking too much stress, not sleeping well, smoking and regularly drinking alcohol are some factors which can lead to hormonal imbalance and put one at higher risk of PCOD. The condition causes symptoms like irregular periods or no periods at all, difficulty in getting pregnant because of irregular ovulation, excessive hair growth on face, chest, back or buttocks, weight gain, thinning of hair or hair loss from head, oily skin or acne.

PCOS seems to be on the rise ever since lockdown happened, says Dr Aumrita Wadhwa, who is Senior Clinical Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine. Stress, depression, anxiety and poor sleep quality are a few lifestyle factors that can lead to hormonal imbalance and PCOS.

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Your diet, level of physical activity and exercise, sleeping habits and stress levels can also determine severity and risk of PCOS. Maintaining a balance in each of these can help in reducing symptoms and even reversing PCOS.

1. Diet

It's not about following a fad diet, says Dr Wadhwa. A balanced diet with all foods groups is needed. "You need to eat healthy and in moderation. Avoid everything that comes in a packet. Processed food is a big no-no. Even when you are craving something tangy or savoury, prepare it at home with natural ingredients, nothing very exotic or fancy" she tells DoctorNDTV.

Consuming a healthy diet can help in reducing symptoms and even reversing PCOSPhoto Credit: iStock

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2. Avoid use of plastic in all forms

From water bottles to containers and all cutlery, get rid of all the plastic items from your kitchen. Studies have found that women with PCOS are more vulnerable to exposure to bisphenol A (BPA), which is found in multiple household items.

3. Exercise regularly

Regularity in exercise is the key here, says Dr Wadhwa. You needn't go overboard with it and overdo it. Even half an hour of exercise every day can help you lose weight and be physically and mentally fit. Make sure you do exercise regularly, and include all forms of workouts in your routine, like cardio, weight training and even yoga. Yoga has a calming effect on the mind and is thus recommended for dealing with PCOS effectively.

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4. Quit alcohol and smoking

Alcohol is nothing but empty calories. "If you want to drink alcohol and enjoy, just practice moderation," she says. Avoid mixing drinks and drinking regularly. Drink a glass of water after every drink and drink slowly. Quit smoking as it harms your body in more ways than you can imagine.

(Dr Aumrita Wadhwa, Senior Clinical Practitioner of Homeopathic Medicine)

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