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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder where your ovaries get enlarged and often promote the growth of small cysts on them. The real reason behind the condition is not understood by the doctors yet. But according to Dr Archana Batra who is a Dietitian and a Diabetes Educator shares some tips to deal with the symptoms.Maintain healthy weightA healthy weight can help to reduce androgen and insulin levels in blood. It contributes to restoring the ovulation process. Regular exercise and an active lifestyle can help to achieve a healthy weight. However, in PCOS, women often find it difficult to manage the weight naturally. In that case, take help from your dietitian about the specific diet and exercises and follow the tips accordingly.

Indulge into a well balanced dietFocus on having a well balanced diet to maintain a healthy hormone level. Add whole grain foods, leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, healthy fats regularly. Try to cut down sugar and caffeine intake because PCOS tends to increase the insulin level in blood. It leaves dark patches on the skin, known as acanthosis nigricans. To stabilise the insulin level, have fenugreek soaked water every morning. Low glycemic diet will also help to handle the symptoms of PCOS.

Keep yourself hydratedPCOS comes with a lot of health hazards and bloating is one of them. Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated. The sodium richer food items tend to increase water retention. Therefore, it is better to avoid them, especially at night.

Add iron to your dietPCOS can cause excessive bleeding during periods. This can lead to anemia or iron deficiency. Add iron-enriched food items such as broccoli, spinach, eggs, etc. However, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor before indulging into any iron supplements.

Detox your body regularlyIt is important to flush out your toxins regularly. Try to start your day with apple cider vinegar in warm water. An increased level of insulin causes higher levels of androgen hormone in the body which leads to irregular periods. You can take detox drinks like green tea, match tea, ashwagandha tea, basil tea etc. They will help you to maintain the estrogen level that will lead to a regular menstrual cycle.

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Here are a few tips to deal with symptoms of PCOS - Times of India

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