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You don't have to be a TLC fan to know that the star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been a major voice in the body positivity movement. Through the reality series, viewers have watched Whitney Thore who gained hundreds of pounds as a result of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) lead an active lifestyle and love her body, despite societal pressure for her to feel otherwise. But did Whitney end up getting weight loss surgery?

During a Season 8 episode titled, "Weight-Loss Surgery," Whitney opened up to her BFF Buddy Bell about her struggles with online dating. She did so by reading a few of the nasty messages she received from complete strangers.

"I was going to send you a message but I don't go out with wildebeests," one message read. "No wonder why you're single. You're definitely not a prize. Clearly just some lard-a-- and will always be."

"The amount of hateful comments that I've gotten since I delved back into online dating is really discouraging. I mean, it always happens. But it just feels extra s--tty for it to be happening now," she told Buddy, who tried to console her by pointing out, "These people are obviously f--king sick."

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An emotionally defeated Whitney insisted, "It happens, like, all the time. I'm so sick of it ... I just wonder if I should just, you know, like get surgery or something just so I can just live a better life, I guess."

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To the camera, Whitney explained, "Weight loss surgery has never been something that I've considered for myself and not something that I've particularly been super supportive about for most other people. Deep down, I know that I'm struggling, and I know that I'm dealing with depression on a level that I haven't dealt with in a very long time. And I think that I am seeking relief or solution or a change.

Whitney went on to share her thoughts about weight loss surgery with her wider circle of friends later on in the episode and all of them were shocked to hear the 36-year-old was actually considering it.

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Did Whitney Thore Get Weight Loss Surgery? She Consulted a Doctor - Distractify

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