‘Women’s Health’ And ‘Men’s Health’ Unveil Roster In 2022 Diversity Program 09/12/2022 – MediaPost Communications

Hearst titles WomensHealthandMens Healthhave announced eight fitness trainers who will take part in the fall 2022 Strength in Diversity program.

Selected by a committee of trainers, editors and fitness and nutrition pros, the eight trainers will be mentored by seasoned fitness pros and attend a 14-week series of weekly Zoom clinics on thebusiness of training, content creation and other subjects.

The program is designed to overcome lack of diversity in the fitness industry.

Up to now, systemic issues(racism, homophobia, ageism, sexism, to name a few) have consistently deprived trainers from marginalized communities of the tools they need to build a career in fitness. Writes Amanda Lucci,deputy editor of content strategy atWomens Health.

I know what its like not to see representation of myself in fitness, and to not have a roadmap for acareer in the industry, addsMensHealthfitness director Ebenezer Samuel.

The goal of this program is to provide resources andopportunities that will elevate others who feel under-represented, and to help them build successful careers in fitnessso that they can serve their own communities and beyond.

The eight trainers include:

Jaimar Brown, 30, better known as J. Malik, Brown has abackground in musical theatre, and offers silent disco workouts on YouTube featuring Blackqueer artists.

Jadi Collado, 36specializes inhigh-energy danceand cycling workouts, blending her fitness expertise and Afro-Latina swag to helpwomen get back to moving and feeling like their full selves again.

Almoni Ellis, 25,strives to shatter glass ceilingsby conducting research, writing stories,and creating fitness conferences that include more women and other minority groups."

Veronique Graves, 43, founder of The Wellness Cheerleader, helps women over 40 optimize their health, gainstrength, and feel like their best selves.

Patricia Greaves, 55,a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and founder ofStrongHer Personal Training, who helps women 40become the best fit version of themselves.

Brittany Spencer, 33, became passionate about helping other mothers create holistic health after her own battle with post-partumdepression.

Jerry Saint Louis, 37,expresses his love for kettlebells, weight training, and calisthenics in each session, the goal being that his clients will be excited tolearn and perform each movement.

Eric Sung, 28, hopes to provide accountability, accessibility and education, and to serve as a fitness role model for Asian Ameericans.

The selectedtrainers will have the chance to earn certifications from theNational Strength and Conditioning Association,Precision Nutrition, andFunctional Range Systems.

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'Women's Health' And 'Men's Health' Unveil Roster In 2022 Diversity Program 09/12/2022 - MediaPost Communications

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