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Anyone with a beard, or who has grown one before, can tell you that beards are full of surprises. And were not just talking about yesterdays crumbs hidden in the curtain of whiskers. Growing a beard means discovering things about your facial hair that you might never have realized before, like its way curlier than the hair on our head, it grows slower in some places than others, or that keeping your neckline clean requires daily shaving. And often, no matter how old you are, one of those surprises is grey hair.

Lots of guys notice grey hairs popping up in their beards before they start seeing them on their heads. This is perfectly natural, but no less surprising when it happens to you. It doesnt even have to be grey eitherthe funny thing about beards is that often the color of your facial hair doesnt match the color of the hair on top of your head, like when your beard appears more reddish.

Some guys might not care so much, but many doand if youre one of those men who does, beard dye is your best friend. Beard dyes are designed to help camouflage grey or other color differences and subtly blend the color so it looks more uniform. Bonus: they can also help patchy or thin beards look fuller and more robust.

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Just because youve decided to dye your beard doesnt mean you should run out and grab any old box of hair dye. The cardinal rule of home beard dyeing is to always use dye that is specifically designed for your beard. There are a few reasons for this. First, the skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your scalp. Box dyes that are formulated for your head could be too harsh and irritate the facial skin underneath your whiskers. Second, box dyes for your head are very opaque in order to better cover a larger area. Beard dyes, on the other hand, are thinner and semi-permanent, which means they can camouflage greys without turning your beard one uniform color (which ends up looking fake). But facial hair also tends to be more coarse than the hair on your head, which is why beard dyes are powerful enough to penetrate that hair, but completely wreck it.

The good news is that home beard dyes are generally designed to be easy to use. Some come pre-mixed, while others require you to mix yourself (and some, for the commitment-phobic, are temporary). Whichever you choose, the most important thing you can do is follow the directions exactly. Leave it on for the amount of time the package says and no more (most beard dyes are meant to be buildable, which means you can always add more if you want more color). And if you get dye on your skin, remove it with rubbing alcohol followed by soap and waterbut wait until after youve washed out the dye, of course. And if youre still nervous about taking matters into your own hands, you can always make an appointment with a professional colorist to get their advice.

One question remains: what beard dye is best? No matter what kind of outcome youre looking for, this list of the best beard dyes for men is the perfect jumping point.

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True Sons Hair Dye for Men

Beard dyes are designed to be thinner for a reason, but that also means they tend to drip or run easily. True Sons solved that problem by putting their dye in a foam, which makes applying it more like shaving cream than a goopy, drippy mess. Its perfect for quick, easy beard dyeing (which is why we gave it a Mens Health Grooming Award), but you can also use it on your head and other areas like your chest.

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Cleverman Customized Beard Dye For Men

The first step in the best beard dye job is knowing what color is best for you, but choosing it just from a picture on the box might take a little trial and error. Each Cleverman kit, on the other hand, is custom mixed just for your hair and the results youre hoping for. Take a quiz online and a colorist will create your mix. In a few days, your personal kit (and extensive instructions) arrive at your door.

Just For Men Mustache & Beard

Just For Men is a classic for a reasonit just plain works. Choose from a wide variety of colors to closely match your hair color (pro tip: this one is formulated specifically for covering grey, so if youre looking for a more drastic change, this isnt for you). The easy-to-use mix goes to work in just five minutesuse it a second time for deeper colorand the applicator brush makes detail work on your mustache or patchy areas a breeze.

Colorsmith Custom Hair Color

This customized dye kit is like getting a professional color job without hightailing it to a hair salon (and spending hours in the colorists chair). Professional colorists mix up your unique dye based on how you answer the online questionnaire. Best of all, you can set up automatic shipments so you never run out (and your greys never have the chance to show up again).

Cremo No Mix No Mess Hair and Beard Color

The thing about coloring your hair at home is that it can get messy most kits ask you to mix the color and developer yourself. Cremos beard color, on the other hand, comes out of the tube already mixed and ready to apply with the innovative brush applicator built right on the tube. The process is lightning fast, but the color lasts about six weeks.

Madison Reed MR

If you dont want to go to the custom route but are still unsure about what color is best for you, Madison Reed MR offers not only a color-matching quiz but also a video consultation with a professional colorist to answer your questions. Once you get your color, its easy to apply, and the subscription option makes remembering to refill your dye a moot point.

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Just For Men Control GX Grey Reducing Beard Wash

If you have a beard, you probably use a beard wash, right? (If you dont, it's probablytime to get a beard wash.) This innovative beard wash, which is made for covering greys, requires nothing more than what youre (hopefully) already doing. The wash gradually deposits color each time you use it, so after a few uses greys disappear. Its ideal for anyone who wants to reduce greys but is pressed for time, or for guyswho want a more gradual, subtle change.

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The Henna Guys Hair & Beard Dye

The skin on your face is already more sensitive than your scalp, but guys with sensitive skin might find traditional hair dyes irritating. This natural beard dye uses henna, instead of the usual chemicals, to subtly dye hair and camouflage greys without irritation. While its mostly suited to brown and red hair colors, its a solid option if youre worried about skin reactions.

Softsheen-Carson Dark & Natural Hair Dye For Men

Specifically designed for men of color with dark hair and coarser hair textures, this powerful dye covers greys with ease. Even though its powerful stuff, its easy to use (just shampoo it out after it sits for five minutes) and wont stain your skin (which is a bigger risk whenever you use very dark dye). One application will last you six weeks before a touchup is needed.

Volt Grooming Instant Beard Color

Sometimes you just dont want to go through the whole rigmarole of actually dyeing your beard, we totally get it. Volts instant hair color is temporary but brushes on easily and can cover everything from sparse greys to patchiness in a flash. Its perfect for special events or when you know youll get photographed without the commitment of a permanent dye job.

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The 10 Best Beard Dyes For Men in 2021 -

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