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by Khrysti Balanay

The gloves were on for the Rockhampton Charity Boxing match that aimed to raise money for Movember.

Miguel Krzywdzinski from Groom Barbershop and Brandt Cogill from Fitzroy Martial Arts decided to raise awareness for mens health issues.

Miguel first approached me with the idea of doing something for Movember, Brandt said.

He wanted to do a charity box match to raise money.

I went away and had a think about it and figured out a way that we could do it that would raise money and pay for everything that the event needed.

Movember mens health is something close to me because I have suffered from depression, and I want to help others.

From there, it started to all come together.

Previously Miguel and Brandt have done things for Movember but felt that the charity boxing match would benefit the community directly.

I run a barbershop, and it is a place where guys can tell us how theyre going, Miguel said.

By the end of the appointment, we make them look good and feel good as they talk about their problems.

Brandt was the key factor to the Charity Boxing match.

It wouldve been nothing without him.

The match was held on Saturday, 27 November at Flamingos on Quay to a crowd of about 700 people.

There were 36 people who boxed on the night, 17 of whom were from Fitzroy Martial Arts, Brandt said.

All local from Rockhampton, Yeppoon, and Gracemere, said

A lot of people were going through their own mental issues or problems, including myself.

So we were using this to help them back up.

The night was a bit nerve-wracking for a few people as it was their first time stepping into the ring.

There were a few fighters, like myself, who have never fought before, Miguel said.

We had six to eight weeks of training and then jumped in the ring to get punched in the face.

But I am already looking forward to next year and making this an annual event.

In the past eight weeks, Miguel and Brandt have raised just over 37 thousand dollars.

I think there are still some donations coming in; its been a massive effort, Brandt said.

We did an auction on the night for an autographed Mike Tyson world championship belt.

Once we get the money from that auction added to the total, we will finish the fundraiser.

Miguel and Brandt wished to thank all the volunteers and people who donated to the event.

I also want to express my gratitude to the fighters and people who put themselves out there on the line, Brandt said.

It was challenging to get out into the ring, and I admire their bravery.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at Rockhampton Charity Boxing.

Fighting for men's health - Central Queensland Today - Central Queensland Today

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