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During menopause many changes occur in the body of women such as weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, weakness, excessive sweating at night, gas in the stomach are felt. In addition, many changes in vagina like dryness, lack of estrogen, etc. start appearing. Let us know about some such changes and ways to avoid them through this article.

Change of smell

In some women, strange smiles occur from the vagina. And she is so disturbed by this smell that she cleans Vegina again and again. But do you know why this happens, then after the menopause, many times this happens due to a change in the level of bacteria in the vagina and usually it can be corrected very quickly using probiotics. Apart from this, women also have pelvic pain during menopause. Many women may experience pelvic pain.

Dryness in vagina: During menopause, the biggest problem in vagina is dryness. The woman becomes very uncomfortable due to this problem. During this, sex is very painful. Because at this time the natural lubricant in the woman's vagina stops. Women have a hormone called estrogen, during menopause the secretion of estrogen hormone starts to decrease, due to which the problem of dryness in vagina is more.

Estrogen is responsible for keeping the walls of the vagina lubricant, so as soon as the level of this hormone starts decreasing, you feel drier than ever. The vagina's tissues become more thin and delicate, and the vagina becomes less elastic. Apart from this, due to lack of estrogen hormone, the physical capacity of women starts decreasing. The estrogen hormone helps the vagina retain lubricant, but when it is reduced, the vagina begins to loosen. Due to this, sexual desire begins to decrease in women. Yes, after menopause, most of the women have less or no sexual desire at all.

To overcome this, the woman should use lubrication. Applying coconut oil to vagina for lubrication may be a better option. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which also prevents infection. During this time, there may be many dangers of getting hormone therapy, in such a situation, you can resort to estrogen therapy for a better and safer option. By this, the problem of dryness in the vagina is overcome. If mood swings and insomnia are more severe then you can take estrogen pills or injections. But always keep in touch with the doctor for all these things and share all your problems with them.

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Women's Health: These changes are seen in the vagina during menopause - News Track English

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