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Facts about Male Reproductive System will tell you the information about some sex organs in males. The human reproduction is assisted due to the presence of sex organs. All of them are located within the pelvis or the outer parts of the body. Testicles and penis are considered as the two major organs for males. They have the function to produce sperm and semen. The sperm injected inside the vagina will fertilize the ovum or egg produced by the female. If the sperm is infused with the ovum, zygote will be developed within the womb of female. Here are other interesting facts about male reproductive system to notice:

Penis is important during the sexual intercourse. It will direct the semen into the vagina. After the ovum is fertilized, it will develop into a fetus. After the gestation period is over, the fetus will be delivered by the woman as an infant.

The men are ready to have sexual activity when the penis is fully erect. The foreskin called gland penis is used to protect and support penis.

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The penis erection takes place because the blood fills the sinuses located inside erectile tissue of penis.

A structure, which looks like a pouch hanging behind the penis, is called a scrotum. The testicles are protected and held by the scrotum. Blood vessels and nerves are found in the scrotum.

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The temperature will affect the appearance of scrotum

The wrinkled appearance is spotted on the scrotum during the low temperature because of the Dartos muscle. Moreover, the scrotum is located closer to the body because of the contraction of Cremaster muscle.

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When the temperature is high, scrotum will be pulled away from the body. The wrinkle appearance is gone because of the relaxed Dartos and Cremaster muscles.

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The inguinal canal connects the scrotum with pelvic cavity and abdomen.

The sperm duct is called vas deferens. It has the length of 0.98 feet or 30 cm.

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Male has three accessory glands. Their function is to maintain the sperm cells and provide lubrication for duct system.

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A male child is only developed if it has Y chromosome from the male and X chromosome from the female.

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