Woman who used food to fill a void after losing twins starts weight loss journey so she can have IVF – Daily Post

A woman who used food to fill a void after the heartbreak of miscarrying twins is now on a mission to lose weight for IVF treatment.

Amanda Farrow said a relationship break-up and a custody battle saw her spiral into depression which caused her to pile on the pounds.

But when she lost her twins, it "broke her heart" that she still looked pregnant and the tragedy kick started her into turning her life aroud.

Now, Amanda is well on her way back to happiness having shed almost two stone.

The 37-year-old who owns Sienna Sky Boutique in Caernarfon said: "I piled the weight on in 2015 after ending a relationship.

"I sought solace in food during a long custody battle for my son and lost financial stability.

"I put on five stone, hitting a size 20 in 2018.

"I joined Weight Watchers (WW) online and lost 6lb but I still wasn't in the right place and busy with life.

"Then in 2019 a wonderful women called Amanda Dingli came into my boutique.

"As I loved WW in the past I was happy to help advertise as we had a lot of women being a clothes boutique.

"Our shop has a motto for body confidence, so I was happy being a size 20 and on the outside was fairly confident."

Amanda added: "In 2019 I got married and Id miscarried twins just a month before.

"It broke my heart to see that I still looked pregnant but I wasnt.

"It was so painful seeing people who didnt know that Id lost our twins but also knowing that I needed to lose weight for our last IVF cycle in 2020.

"Seeing the wedding pictures and that was the final straw jogged me on to do something."

Amanda said she googled her BMI and was shocked to see she was obese.

She needed a new direction as she was starting to feel depressed and lonely.

"I remembered Amanda had popped in the shop and she was going to be my guardian angel, she immediately made me feeL comfortable when joining, she had already talked to me in the shop, she opened up on my level, as she had been on a similar path," she said.

"Amanda understood the weight gain was not just about greed, but about filling a void of heartbreak, loss and depression.

"I needed help and I never asked for help before.

"I never wanted to be a certain size as I was happy as a plus size girl, but I knew my weight was actually a cover for my deep emotional pain, a cover of confidence that was actually shattered and I needed to rebuild that with some help."

Amanda is now thriving with support from her WW group and is hoping to have IVF treatment in April.

She said: "From day one I loved the MyWW plan and the workshops. I very rarely miss one and now my husband has joined too.

"My husband has seen my journey and he can't believe the change to my mental health and to me.

"I feel sexy, confident inside and out and my outlook and mental health is on point.

"My pain will never go but if your mental attitude is positive you can accomplish so much."

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Woman who used food to fill a void after losing twins starts weight loss journey so she can have IVF - Daily Post

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