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Set in a busy Midlands practice, BBC one soap Doctors has been keeping us entertained for almost 20 years now since it first aired in March 2000.

It has taken us into the turbulent lives of the staff and patients of Letherbridge practice, The Mill, every weekday lunch time from 1:45pm.

So, whos on it? And whats happening?

Heres everything you need to know about the cast

Doctors Jimmi Clay

A patient and staff favourite alike, general practitioner Jimmy first made an appearance on the soap back in 2005.

He has been known to make his past colour his professional opinion, after losing his mum and having a very tumultuous relationship with his dad.

His upbringing has led to him being diagnosed with claustrophobia and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in his adult life, although his attacks are less frequent nowadays and hes developed coping mechanisms.

A recent storyline revolved around him being wrongfully arrested for Class A drugs.

Although he was initially released on bail, he was sent to prison after breaking his bail conditions.

Doctors Daniel Granger

Charming might as well be Daniels middle name because when it comes to difficult situations, the general practitioner/partner sure knows how to charm his way out of things.

He was introduced to The Mill in 2007, where he works alongside his on/off lover Zara Carmichael, with whom he shares a son.

He started a relationship with former practice manager Becky Clarke, who suffered a miscarriage with his baby, leading to him attending therapy.

However, the pair ended things after he cheated on her with Zara.

Doctors Karen Hollins

Played by Jan Pearson, Karen Hollins is The Mills receptionist and healthcare assistant.

Karen is the wife of Letherbridge police SergeantRob Hollins, and mother of Imogen and Jack.

Karens storylines have included her pregnancy, abortion and most recently her memory loss, after she was hit by a car.

Karen suffered with amnesia, and couldnt remember anything after the accident including her relationship and children.

Doctors Zara Carmichael

She was introduced to The Mill as a general practitioner in 2009.

Since her arrival, shes had a very flirty relationship with Daniel who she eventually got with and had a child for.

Zara has been involved in a number of different storylines, including being kidnapped, having an affair with Jack Hollins, pregnancy, the birth of her and Daniels son Joe, and their on/off relationship.

Doctors Rob Hollins

Rob was introduced to the soap as the new police sergeant at Letherbridge Police Station.

Hes married to Karen, with whom he shares two children and has been involved in various storylines, including hostage cases and his wifes memory loss.

Doctors Emma Reid

She arrived at The Mill as a temporary replacement in 2012, but Emma has become a regular GP due to staffing issues at the practice.

Described on the BBC website as fun, flirty, teasing and selfish, Emma has been through her fair share of drama.

In 2016, she explored her sexuality by getting into a relationship with female friend Lena Baker, despite Lena being married.

As a result, Emma who is mum to Chris Reid came to the conclusion that shes bisexual.

Most recently, she was involved in a rape storyline, after her old flame Dave Cartwright attacked her.

Doctors Valerie Pitman

Portrayed by Sarah Moyle, Valerie was welcomed to The Mill as a temporary receptionist while Karen Hollins and the former receptionist Mrs Tembe were on holiday.

She ended up staying on at the practice, which caused some issues, with her previously fighting against Mrs. Tembes ideas for The Mill.

Over the years, viewers have watched her battle with cancer after she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma as well as, marry Barry Biglow (David Perks) and attempt to sue Al Haskey (Ian Midlane) for malpractice.

Doctors Al Haskey

Not the typical GP, Al has been described as lazy and sarcastic. He joined The Mill in 2012 and was partnered with Jimmi Clay who initially struggled to get along with him.

Al full name Alistair is conflicted over science and religion, while love seems to be a mystery for him.

A very comedic character on the soap, Al is known for his love for inventing things, which led to him going into business with Jimmi and buying a local restaurant, The Icon.

However, some of his darker storylines have seen him being arrested and accused of stalking doctor Jas Khella, and struggle to mend his troubled relationship with his mother.

Doctors Ayesha Lee

Ayesha was introduced as a practice nurse in 2014.

Since her arrival, she has faced storylines such as her relationship withSid Vere(Ashley Rice), dealing with her mothers alcohol and drug addictions, and being drugged in a bar.

Doctors Sid Vere

Sid arrived at The Mill in 2015 as an F2 doctor, having completed two prior placements before working there. He was initially under Zaras wing as her mentee, but she bullied him into reconsidering his occupation and he left. Nevertheless, he returned fully qualified and took up a position as a GP.

Following, the 2018 Christmas Party he went home with Zara who was in a relationship with Daniel at the time and the pair slept together. Daniel punched him at work, and he was found to have arsenic in his body, with Zara claiming hed been poisoned by a patient.

Hes since being involved with a storyline revolving around his parents secret child, who was born before him and abandoned due to having downs syndrome.

Doctors Ruhma Carter

The Mills resident midwife, Ruhma wasnt well received by everyone when she was employed by Mrs Tembe.

Most of the GPs didnt feel the practice needed an on-site midwife, however, she was hired anyway.

She soon formed a relationship with Heston Carter (Owen Brenman) who moved her and her children into his home. However, he died in 2018 when Als car crashed.

Her husbands death has seen Ruhma become very lonely, with the midwife offering to pay for a couples IVF treatment and getting close to some new parents by buying them gifts and constantly visiting them.

Doctors Bear Sylvester

Bear joined the Mill in 2019 as the practice manager after Becky Clarkes departure.

Despite his lack of management experience, he got the role anyway and decided to work overtime to get up to speed.

Al Haskey noticed that Bear had difficulties spelling the staff members names, leading to his dyslexia diagnosis.

But, when Jimmi was wrongfully accused of supplying Class A drugs, everyone supported him but Bear who later revealed that hed previously seen Jimmi as a patient with his pregnant girlfriend, who despite what his feelings terminated their baby after receiving information from the GP.

Doctors is on Monday to Friday at 1:45pm on BBC One

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