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What happened to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton hiring a surrogate to carry their baby? One year ago today, Gossip Cop busted a tabloid for claiming exactly that. Time has further proven us correct.

On November 14, 2019, Us Weekly claimed that Stefani and Shelton were in the final stages of hiring a surrogate. The tabloid cited anonymous sources, who said the No Doubt singer felt that giving her boyfriend a biological child was extremely important. According to these so-called insiders, Stefani had tried several rounds of IVF treatments over the last couple of years, but she had recently accepted that getting pregnant just wasnt going to happen. The outlet even added that Stefani would keep trying to conceive naturally, opening up the possibility of two children at least one of which Stefani hoped would be a girl.

However, Gossip Cop ran the story by Stefanis spokesperson, not anonymous or unidentifiable tipsters. The singers rep told us last year that the story was false. The two musicians simply werent exploring surrogacy. Plus, we pointed out the fact that Us Weekly has incorrectly claimed the couple was getting married multiple times over the past few years. The tabloid couldnt even keep the couples imaginary wedding details consistent, so theres no reason to believe it has insight into their family plans.

A year later, nothing verifying the couples supposed exploration of surrogacy or even IVF has surfaced. Even if it took the couple an extra three months to finish their final selection, theres been absolutely no news on the subject. Of course, were not surprised in the least at the tabloids stubbornness.

As we mentioned earlier, Gossip Cop has busted Us Weekly countless times for phony wedding rumors about the two Voice coaches. In February 2018, we even pointed out the tabloids years of misinformed and untrue rumors about Stefani and Sheltons wedding plans, made-up baby plans and delays in both the fictional wedding and baby. From November 2016 to current day, the magazine has constantly changed its mind about the state of the couples relationship. Its sources have yet to shown any insight into anything about Stefani and Sheltons marriage or family plans.

That being said, the outlet has shown no signs of stopping. Just last week, the magazine dedicated its entire cover to a story about Shelton constantly postponing his proposal on account of Stefanis insistence on a traditional Catholic wedding. Gossip Cop will continue to set the record straight, no matter how long the tabloid pursues its obviously fictional narratives.

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What Happened To Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Hiring A Surrogate To Carry Their Baby? - Gossip Cop

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