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FORMER My Kitchen Rules winners Dan and Steph Mulheron are prepared to put their Hervey Bay restaurant on the line for another chance at the money that could give them a second child.

The couple won the fourth season of the show in 2013, allowing them to start a family through IVF, welcoming daughter Emmy four years ago, as well as opening their restaurant EAT and buying their first home.

After using their MKR winnings to start a family through IVF, Dan and Steph now live in Hervey Bay with their daughter Emmy, four, and run a restaurant.

They will now compete for a second time on the new MKR: The Rivals format, which premieres on February 2, with the hope of giving Emmy a sibling.

"We are in the food industry now. If we were to go on and do poorly then consequently our business would suffer," Dan, 38, said.

"We were the only winners. Everyone had nothing to lose; we had everything to lose."

Steph, 37, added: "Everything we have done in seven years is thanks to MKR. If we didn't do that we know Emmy probably wouldn't be here. We don't know what direction life would have taken us. We want to give her a sibling and keep the doors of our restaurant open."

The couple said without the $100,000 prize money IVF treatments "would be really tough financially".

Dan has also had gastric sleeve surgery, allowing him to lose 85kg. It changed their cooking style to a cleaner and leaner approach, which he said was the direction the food industry was heading.

Dan lost 85kg by 2019, when he and Steph return for MKR: The Rivals

It did add a complication for the cook, however, when it came to eating the high quantity of food at the other instant restaurants

"The beauty of MKR is that sometimes you have to wait a long time between courses which works for us," he laughed.

"There were times where I couldn't eat everything and I wish I could have. But there were times were I was glad. There was one night where I said I wish I had my stomach back tonight and I'd never said that before."

The couple were particularly wary of once again being up against fellow Queenslanders Jake and Elle Harrison, who finished second to them in 2013.

"We can't be beaten by a team we beat already," Dan said.

They said fans should expect heightened drama with the new format, which pits returning favourites and Manu Feildel against new competitors with Colin Fassnidge.

"It's kill or be killed," Dan said.

"I'm not big on reality TV, but this I cannot wait to watch it. To live it, I was like 'oh my God'."

MKR: The Rivals premieres Sunday, February 2 at 7pm on Seven.

Dan has had gastric sleeve surgery since he and Steph last appeared on MKR in 2013. Photo: Tara Croser

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