Snoop Dogg paid 5.3million to star in Just Eats new advert – The Sun

GETTING Snoop Dogg to star in Just Eats new advert was Nuthin But A Fee Thang for the legendary rapper.

He has banked more than 5million since becoming the face of the takeaway delivery services latest advertising drive.

Not a bad deal given all he does is give the brands irritating theme song, Did Somebody Say Just Eat, his own twist.

At the beginning of the video, which has been watched more than 6.5million times on YouTube, he can be heard saying hes sick of the song, before taking over the show with his own version.

A music insider said: Snoop has banked over 5million since he landed the deal.

Its easy money and the adverts have proved a hit with audiences.

Snoop is a legendary character so the negotiation took time and plenty of cash.


But having him on board has not only driven sales, its given the brand a massive boost.

People have been going mad for it on social media, its easily Just Eats most successful advert.

The campaign will be rolled out across Europe and Australia this month and there have been some discussions about North America too.

The deal has been a massive success for all involved Snoops laughing all the way to the bank.

How he could splash cash

Its not the first big-money gig the Nuthin But A GThang star worth more than 100million has landed.

In the past year alone Snoop has also appeared in ads for Burger King, Dunkin Donuts and, incredibly, another for pork scratchings.

If someone offered me a seven-figure sum to be the new face of Mr Porky, I reckon I wouldnt be saying no.

NOEL Gallagher doing drugs at No10 is one of the most famous tales in rock n roll history.

But it turns out the Oasis man wreaked more havoc after going to Downing Street with his then partner Meg Mathews in 1997 to meet PM Tony Blair.


The bands press officer, Johnny Hopkins, has revealed Noel drew a Hitler moustache on a picture of the former Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Johnny said: I felt that sense of triumph at getting the Tories out and Labour in, but I still had a bad feeling they would not be everything we hoped for and that people would see Oasis as part of the establishment.

Noel scrawled a Hitler moustache on a framed photograph of Margaret Thatcher. Maybe it was worth it just for that.

Noels visit to No10 and the image of him shaking hands with Blair defined the Nineties Cool Britannia era.


It later transpired that the Labour leader was worried about inviting the Gallaghers and he was right.

In Britpop book Dont Look Back In Anger, published last year, Noel says: Did I do coke in there? Im saying f**k all. Ive got three kids now.

I think thats enough confirmation.


ELLA Eyre drops the video for her new single L.O.V.(e). today and it features a number of fans bopping to the tune. Ella said: Cant thank you enough for helping me out, youre all amazing and I hope you like it.

DAISY Lowe looked in her element as she showed off her range of lingerie.

But her sexy outfits dont always impress everyone including one ex-boyfriend.



The model revealed he got the wrong idea when she tried to give him a raunchy surprise.

Daisy said: I was all excited because I had bought these nipple tassels to surprise my boyfriend at the time. I got all dolled up, came into the bedroom and he screamed.

He doesnt know how lucky he was.



WITH his booming voice its hard to imagine Sir Tom Jones being quiet.

But he was so silent at birth it was feared he was dead and his gran spun him round her head to revive him.


In Radio 2 documentary Sir Toms Musical Years this Saturday, to mark his 80th birthday the next day, he says: When I was born they thought I was stillborn because I didnt make a sound.

The midwife said to my mother, I am awfully sorry. He isnt breathing.

So thank God my grandmother was there.


MEG'S MARRIED MANMegan Barton Hanson snogs married man who killed girlfriend on night out


CAT & MOUSEDavid Walliams messaging Pussycat Doll Ashley after splitting from Flack's pal

J-ROD LOVE'S SPOT KICKSReal ace James Rodriguez's girlfriend shows off her roar quality


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She said, Just a minute.

She brought in a bucket of cold water and grabbed me by the ankles, dipped me in it and spun me around her head by my ankles.

A music industry without Sir Tom would be a bleak place.


FOR someone who claims losing her billionaire status is literally the last thing shes worried about, Kylie Jenner is doing a bad job of keeping up that front. The reality stars lawyer has demanded Forbes immediately and publicly retract their claims that her worth may have been exaggerated.

FORMER Page 3 model Rhian Sugden has launched a self-tan company, Clarity, after doctors giving her IVF treatment told her not to use cosmetics that contain harsh chemicals. She said: It uses minimal ingredients while still achieving maximum results.

LADY Gaga has gushed about boyfriend Michael Polansky. She said he is somebody I love very much in my life, who thinks highly of me and added, Im lucky to have him. He said, You very authentic- ally go from outfit to outfit, look to look...but youre always really meant a lot to me.

EXAMPLE has revealed he called his next album Some Nights Last For Days after hearing the phrase when his wife Erin McNaught was giving birth. He explained: I said to the midwife, How long do these things usually take?. And she was like, Well , some nights can last for days.

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Snoop Dogg paid 5.3million to star in Just Eats new advert - The Sun

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