Single nurse gives birth after funding IVF treatment with money from 1million family lottery win – The Sun

A NURSE has given birth after funding IVF treatment with money from a 1million family lottery win.

Single mum Rebecca Brown, 39, who used a sperm donor, called baby Ethel priceless after she was born at the Nottingham hospital where she works.


Rebecca spent 12,000 of her 250,000 lottery share on the treatment.

Doctors told her to think about having kids after a smear test revealed abnormal cells that turned out to be pre-cancerous in her cervix.

Miss Brown, who works as an orthopaedic nurse at the Queen's Medical Centre, said: "It's been manic and full on, that's for sure.

"When it happened, I sort of ended up on Saturday morning in a bit of a daze, because I couldn't believe that she was my baby and I thought I was dreaming.

"I thought it was a dream I was going to wake up from. We had a bit of a moment, behind the curtain at the hospital."

Miss Brown won her share of 1million on the National Lottery as part of a family syndicate in August 2016 with her 63-year-old mother Yvonne, her 64-year-old father David and her 37-year-old sister Julie.

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The lucky lottery winner contacted CARE Fertility in Nottingham for a one-to-one consultation after she decided she wanted to have a child.

Recalling the moment she knew the IVF treatment had been a success, Miss Brown said: "The first thing I did was I Facetimed my sister and said 'morning Auntie Julie' - and she went in to tell my mum and dad that it was a success.

"Then I cried a little bit - I never really thought that we'd get to this stage."




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Single nurse gives birth after funding IVF treatment with money from 1million family lottery win - The Sun

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