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We were devastated yesterday to learn thatJackie Gillies, originalReal Housewives Of Melbournecast member and renowned shiner-upper, would not be returning for season five of the show.

Speaking with Stellar Magazine, the psychic has revealed her reasons for leaving, saying that she and husband Ben Gillies are focused on starting a family right now, and that has meant putting everything else on pause, including her reality TV career.

She also said that she started IVF treatments last year and is currently on her fourth round. She was initially afraid to tell people about this, explaining:

I am a person that is really authentic and walks my talk. But I wasnt walking my talk. I didnt tell anybody I was doing IVF for the first two rounds because I was a bit ashamed. I felt I wasnt good enough and people would judge me. But keeping it hidden meant I also wasnt being honest to who I am. And since Ive started telling people, everyone has been so supportive.

Gillies said that she is disappointed her time as a Real Housewife is up, but confident in her decision to walk away from the show and Melbourne. She has said that she and Ben plan to start their family in Newcastle, the city where they both grew up.

Season five of RHOMis coming in 2020, after a two-year hiatus. The departure of Jackie Gillies means that only Gina Liano,Lydia Schiavello and Janet Roach remain from the original season one cast, assuming all three actually come back.

A recent Instagram post hinted that an older housewife is returning this year. It seems unlikely that Pettifleur Berenger would ever come back, andSusie McLeanbrought very little to the table (sorry, Susie) so were pinning our hopes on the iconicAndrea Mossfrom season one.

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Jackie Gillies Reveals Why She's Leaving 'The Real Housewives Of Melbourne' - Pedestrian TV

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