‘I had to manage other people’s feelings’: We need to talk about the unseen emotional tax of IVF. – Mamamia

In a series of stories examining fertility, Mamamia talks to women, couples and experts about what it means to struggle to conceive.

Rebecca and Marcus OLeary are proud parents to two-year-old Vivienne, and Rebecca is 15 weeks pregnant with their second child through IVF.

From the outside, it might seem that they have the perfect little family, yet their journey to reach this point has been anything but easy.

Rebecca chats to Mamamia about the rollercoaster ride of IVF, and shares what shes learnt from the process.

After 12 months of trying for a baby with no success, Rebecca and Marcus were referred to a fertility specialist by their GP.

Initially we were told we needed IVF straight away so we sought a second opinion, Rebecca shares. We chose to undergo further testing as we knew once the IVF door was opened, we couldnt easily close it.

Marcus was nervous, wondering if it was his fault we couldnt conceive. I could see the weight lift from his shoulders when he found out his sperm count was fantastic

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Eventually I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) meaning I was the one with the fertility issue. I felt enormous pressure to manage my condition, body and the process as best I could.

The couple began with ovulation tracking to monitor Rebeccas monthly cycle. They then moved on to ovulation induction (OI) which meant regular blood tests, ultrasounds and medication.

After I received the go-ahead to self-inject the trigger medication to bring on ovulation, we had to go home and have as much sex as possible. It was fun at first but it soon felt clinical and over orchestrated.

Marcus was always positive and supportive but he wasnt the one with three apps on his phone undergoing all this regular monitoring. It was hard to not let the resentment creep in.

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'I had to manage other people's feelings': We need to talk about the unseen emotional tax of IVF. - Mamamia

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