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Infertility is a very common situation for many people. Approximately two million cases of infertility are diagnosed annually, in Brazil alone.

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This difficulty in reproducing is usually caused by a diagnosis of a couple who cannot get pregnant. In other words: that she did not use any contraceptive method within a year of sexual relations well distributed throughout the menstrual cycle.

Thus, the causes of the problem can be diverse, making it difficult to determine in both men and women. One of the main symptoms is the inability to get pregnant, but sometimes they dont even appear.

Thus, the help of a specialized location like Neovita makes all the difference.

Causes of infertility in men and women

It is common for immunological problems or diseases such as diabetes and obesity to be related to the cause of infertility in men and women.

But there are still diseases specific to each sex that also influence this picture. Women with normal menstruation, absence of pain or genital discomfort also experience infertility. However, the main causes are:

Hormonal disorders that prevent ovulation;Polic Polycystic ovary syndrome; Chlamydia infection; Infections in the uterine tubes; Obstruction of uterine tubes: Problems in the shape of the uterus, such as septate uterus; Endometriosis; Endometrioma, which are cysts and endometriosis in the ovaries.

In men, in addition to problems with ejaculation or sperm production, other diseases justify this condition. Check out:

Urethritis inflammation of the urethra; Orchitis inflammation in the testicles; Epididymitis inflammation in the epididymis; Prostatitis inflammation of the prostate; Varicocele enlarged veins in the testicles.

Main treatments for infertility

Couples diagnosed with infertility for no apparent reason is also a normal situation. Of these, for example, who perform three in vitro fertilizations

(IVF), one per year, have up to 90% chance of getting pregnant on the third attempt. However, there are several hormonal treatments, fertility drugs and surgery.

In addition, assisted reproduction uses several other medical techniques to fertilize an egg. The chances of getting pregnant are greatly increased with the help of these alternatives.

That is why Neovita advises that after conducting an evaluation with us, one of the treatment options should be considered:

IVF highly complex treatment for infertility; Ovodoation (egg recipient) indicated, in most cases, due to the low ovarian reserve; Preserving fertility postponing motherhood has encouraged many women to decide to freeze eggs; ICSI technique used especially in cases of severe male infertility; PGD technique for genetic analysis before embryo transfer; Scheduled Dating low complexity treatment for infertility; Intrauterine Insemination treatment indicated mainly for women who do not ovulate properly or when the volume, concentration and motility of sperm is not sufficient;Vas Vasectomy reversal surgical procedure performed through a small opening of the testicular pocket; Endometrial Analysis exam that can help you with IVF failure;La Tubal Reversal a procedure that consists of surgery for the reconstruction of the uterine tube; Varicocele correction surgical correction of varicocele improves male fertility potential.

All alternatives will be used according to the disposition and interest of those who wish to become pregnant.


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