Devastated family of South Yorkshire boy who died aged seven launch appeal to help fulfil his life’s wish – The Star

Liam Allen was getting ready for bed when he went into a fit from which he never recovered on the evening of Saturday, November 23.

He was rushed to hospital where doctors worked through the night to save him, but the next day his family made the heart-wrenching decision to turn off his life support machine.

He was just seven-years-old.

Auntie Toni Connell has spoken of the familys shock at Liams tragic death and paid tribute to the wonderful young lad.

She said: There are just no words. We dont know what to say. Its not something that you would never expect to happen, not in a million years.

Miracle baby Liam was the first baby born to parents parents Paula and Dave Allen after being conceived naturally when IVF treatment failed.

The life-saver had already made the headlines in 2017 after saving his granny Jenny from choking.

An aspiring YouTuber, Liam loved gaming on his Xbox and was a doting big brother to his four siblings Graci, Rory, Levi and baby Eavi.

Hours after a class photo at Badsley Primary School on Friday, November 22, Liam began to feel poorly.

He seemed to get better the next day and at 9.30pm his dad went into his bedroom to say goodnight and ask him to put his computer away.

But he later returned from the bathroom to find Liam, who was awaiting MRI test results for epilepsy, having a fit.

An ambulance was called and he was taken to Rotherham Hospital, but no medication worked so he was sedated in attempt to give him a rest and ease the fit.

Sheffields Embrace Team, who specialise in transporting critically ill children, worked on Liam throughout the night alongside medical staff.

At 10am the next day, Liam was transferred to Sheffield Childrens Hospital, but had suffered severe brain damage.

His condition never improved and the family were dealt an unimaginable blow when they were told there was nothing that could be done to save Liam.

In a Facebook post, mum Paula said: They told me he was now brain dead the only thing keeping him alive was the machine, and once it would be turned off he would be gone in less than five minutes.

They said he was comfortable and wouldn't know what was happening.

The family came in to say their goodbyes and the nurses did his hand and footprints, and took some pictures of our hands together.

Then they started to take away the monitors and medications and said I could lay on the bed beside him.

They removed his tube and left us alone with him, his little heart was barely beating I could hardly feel it as I lay with my hand on his chest.

We spoke to him and kissed him and told him how proud we were of him and how much we loved him.

I gave him a kiss from Graci, then Levi, then Rory, then Eavi and told him I would make sure they never forget him.

We held him so tight and then at 5.10pm his little heart stopped beating. My baby was gone and a piece of me went with him.

Toni added: Liam was at the centre of everyones world. He was so special in his own way. We were there that night and were just pleading with him- please, please pull through.

We lost our mum in April this year and had barely come to terms with that, so having another funeral to plan has just been devastating.

He will always have a special place in my heart. I was there to hold him soon as he was born and I was there to kiss him and tell him how much I loved him before he left.

Family along with Badsley pupils and staff have tied green ribbons around a tree and fence near the school in Liams memory- green was his favourite colour.

Liams headteacher Mark Windle described him as thoughtful and kind and a real joy to have in school.

The people of Rotherham have been so kind, and now were appealing further to ask that people subscribe to Liam's YouTube channel and make his wish come true, added Toni.

Our aim is 100,000 subscribers so we can get a silver plaque for Liam.

Liams family are still awaiting post-mortem results and will announce his funeral details at a later date.

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Devastated family of South Yorkshire boy who died aged seven launch appeal to help fulfil his life's wish - The Star

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