Artificial Insemination | Low-Cost IVF & Fertility …

This is an indication of what to expect with regards to the cost of Artificial Insemination, low cost of IVF and other fertility treatments at BioArt Fertility Centre.

Initial Consultation:R 1250.00 Per couple

IVF / ICSI TREATMENT R 50 000.00Includes: includes stimulation medication only, scans whilst on treatment, aspiration, lab fee and transfer. We provide best low cost of IVF & fertility treatment in South Africa.Excludes: Any procedures that may be required and any additional medication

Please note that annual price increases may applicable. We encourage you to contact our reception in order to get a quotation for our services so that you are aware of the costs involved.

Please contact our offices to get the costing of the various fertility treatments as well as any other costs that may be incurred relative to a specific fertility treatment. Each case is considered on an individual basis because every couple is unique, so we urge you to discuss the treatment options with the fertility specialists and get in touch with our accounts department to advise you of the costs involved.

We are always striving to give you full transparency with every fertility treatment and consultation that we offer. We encourage you to ask questions so that you are fully aware of the procedures and processes involved. In this way, you will feel at ease whenever you visit our clinic and experience our world class service.

You can contact us for a quotation which will give you an indication of the various costs involved.

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Artificial Insemination | Low-Cost IVF & Fertility ...

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