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For months, rumors on social media about the Covid-19 vaccine making woman infertile have run rampant, instilling fear in countless young women.

"People are like, 'Well if I get the vaccine, I won't be able to get pregnant,'" said Ashley Libbert, the supervisor of Clinical Nursing at the Vanderburgh County Health Department.

Doctors say this is nothing but unfounded propaganda from the anti-vax movement.

"The only platform they have, the anti-vaxer's, is social media," Libbert said. "And everyone is on social media."

And she says that no vaccine in medical history has caused infertility issues, including the three Covid-19 vaccines.

"Having a family is a big deal and it's something all of us kind of dream about," Libbert said. "And you'd never want to do something that prevents you from having a children or harming a child once you're pregnant. But there's just no data. It's just not physiologically possible for a vaccine to cause infertility or a miscarriage."

"The root of that concern came from a supposition that part of that protein on the Coronavirus -- the spike protein-- which is what we're trying to develop immunity too -- looks like a protein from the human placenta," said Dr. Lora Alvey Perry, Chairperson for the Ascension St. Vincent Department of OBGYN. "It's not biologically close enough to have that kind of cross immune response."

As for the women who are already pregnant, doctors say they too need to get the vaccine, or their life and their unborn child's life, could be at risk.

"What we're seeing is that pregnant individuals that have not been vaccinated," Libbert said. "Tend to have severe outcomes when they get infected with Covid-19 and sometimes even on a ventilator."

Medical professionals say to ignore anti-vax articles trying to stray women from getting their vaccine.

"If they're questioning whether or not they need to get it," Libbert said. "They need to talk to their OBGYN and definitely ask questions to reliable resources."

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