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You may remember when Alisyn Camerota left the Fox News on March 14, 2014; her fans were not so happy about it.

She left Fox News and joined CNN News on July 14, 2014. Ever wondered why? If you don't know why Camerota left Fox News, then you are in the right place. We have the answers to every why?

Camerotaleft Fox News, not because of some fights or arguments, but because she didnt see the utilization of her full potential there. She liked her job at Fox News and the position before that, but she left Fox to join CNN because of the opportunities available at CNN for the growth she wanted for her career. And now, she says that her job in CNN News is one of the best in her life.

Here, we have a video where Camerotapersonally addresses her fans who have been asking the same question every time i.e. why did you leave Fox News?

Now, lets move on to her personal life. Alisyn Camerota is married to Tim Lewis.

Caption:Alisyn Camerota with husband Tim Lewis.

Source: turner.com

Camerotaand Lewis are blessed with three children, twins (daughters), born in 2005 and a son, born in 2007.

Caption:Alisyn Camerota with husband Tim Lewis and three children

Source: turner.com

There goes the picture of the happy familyCamerota has now.

The husband-wife went through 3 years of struggle for kids. Just becauseCamerotahad infertility issues, both husband and wife didnt give up hope.

Like a lot of women I thought, When its time, I guess Ill just have a baby. We are not well educated about fertility. I had been ignoring symptoms for the better part of 20 years. I always had irregular cycles, but I dismissed itI didnt know what a huge part that would play in my fertility, said Camerota.

The couple tried treatments like Clomid, intrauterine insemination and, finally, Vitro fertilization which led to two pregnancies and two miscarriages. Even after all that happened before getting a successful treatment, Tim always supported her and was open to adoption as well.

The couple is living a happy life without any glitches and divorce seems to be out of thequestion. However, amid of the current blazingheat of the presidentialdebate happening between the 2016 presidential candidates; especially between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Alisyn found herself between two parties who were exactly opposite of each other.

In an interview on September 22, 2016, Alisyn had Pastor James Davis from Cleveland who was a Trump supporter and on the other hand, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed who was not so much of a fan of Trump.

Caption: Pastor James Davis defends Trump on CNN

The debate was on if the black community was in its worst shape right now [underneath Obama administration] than any other time in the U.S history. Pastor Davis was utterly supporting Trump's words that the black community was in fact in its worst days despite the fact that Mayor Reed, as well as Camerota, were presenting results and proofs that it was not.

With a long quarrel prolonging to a large span of time and with the heated discussion CNN anchor was led to shut down the interview with acknowledgments and thank you forcefully.

The sexual assault case of Roger Ailes when he was accused of Sexual harassment towards Gretchen Carlson and a few other Fox News Female Journalists,was one of the biggest events Fox News experienced in its entire history and Alisyn was no stranger to this case either. She came forward and even talked about how difficult it was working for Roger Ailes. She was quoted saying,

"I had a hard time working for Roger Ailes on a bunch of different levels. I think that we were all scaredum, I can speak for myselfhe was a scary person to work for... it wasnt easy.

She also noted down that while Ailes was a charming person to work with, at times he could be loud, and there was a whole culture there that flowed down from how he ruled with an iron fist. Maybe this was one of the reasons she left Fox News as well?

Alisyn Camerota was born on June 21, 1966, in Los Angeles, California. Camerota is a graduate of the American University's School of Communication with a degree in broadcast journalism. AlisynCamerotais also one of the board members of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and supports those who are suffering the same fate as she did.

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Why Alisyn Camerota Chose CNN Over Fox News? Her ...

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