Reddit post on mum’s plan to breastfeed adopted baby divides the internet –

A woman has been slammed on social media after voicing her disapproval about her friends plans to breastfeed her adopted baby.

Sharing on Reddit, the woman said she confronted her pal after discovering that she had been shopping for breast pumps and was taking medication to help her lactate in preparation for her adopted childs arrival.

Describing her friends decision as odd and not natural, she went on to say that the idea of nursing an adopted baby is just so foreign to me.

The womans stance has led to tension with her friend, and attracted a wave of criticism from others who have accused her of being ignorant and insensitive.

Revealing her story, the woman she didnt mean to shame her friend.

So my friend has struggled with infertility for many years, she said.

I really feel for her and her efforts on becoming a mother.

She told me that her and her husband in the process of adopting a baby.

A girl a few cities over is 18 and pregnant and has reached out to Facebook adoption groups in the area and they connected.

The baby is due in December. She told me shes excited to finally have her miracle baby.

I noticed on her [baby] registry that she had breast pumps and I asked her why.

She said that she and her doctor put her on lactation-inducing medication or something along those lines and shes been pumping every day three times a day and shes been able to produce some milk.

Shes hoping by the time the baby gets here shes been able to produce enough milk to breastfeed.

The woman went on to say she was confused by the news.

Ive never heard of breastfeeding adopted babies, she said.

I dont know, the idea was just so foreign to me. I didnt know medication could make you lactate.

She went on to say its important for her to have that bonding time with the baby and shes spoken to other adoptive moms that have done the same thing.

I told her its a bit odd to me but Im happy for her and she said I was making something natural weird.

I said its not natural though and I didnt mean to shame her and she called me an a****** and hung up.

Many social media fans applauded the mum-to-bes stance.

If a friend said this to me, wed no longer be friends, said one.

Maybe you would benefit from some research about breastfeeding and the amazing bonds it creates and the health benefits for baby.

Havent you ever heard of a wet nurse before? This isnt some new concept.

But others werent so sure.

To be honest, I had no idea it was possible either! said another.

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Reddit post on mum's plan to breastfeed adopted baby divides the internet -

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