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In 2016, I looked into freezing my eggs. I was told that if I wanted to have a baby, my best chance would be to try to become pregnant now. What was the hold up? Everyone just expects you to have a straight answer. Its yes or no.

But I still had questions, and it took me over a year to sift through the answers. I asked if I was too old. I asked if I could do this alone. I asked if I was capable, strong enough, if I could afford it. Like Alicia in Master of None, I really had no idea what the process would look like, or whether I could handle it.

If anyone can manage it, its you, my friends told me. But this didnt make me feel any better. We struggle, and there are two of us, one worried parent friend told me. How on earth are you going to do it? And my mother didnt mince words: I really wish you would just meet a man, she told me. I dont know how you are going to manage this on your own.

By 2018, when I was 44, I decided to proceed, at least to the next step, which was finding out whether I could conceive. A doctor in New York City looked at my uterus and did some scans. It wasnt impossible that Id conceive, she told me, but I had just a 5 percent chance.

I think I may have cried. I know I felt devastated. But I didnt want to give up.

Since Im self-employed as a stylist, every choice came with major financial implications. My limited health insurance would not cover I.V.F. The cost varies, but I was told it would be about $30,000 per cycle, including medication and other treatments that would be necessary because of my age. (The average cost in the United States, including medication, is about $25,000.)

I wondered then, why not try to get it done in Europe, in a country where fertility treatments are subsidized or cheaper? I figured I could fly in and out for the procedures, no biggie.

I started my search in Paris, where I had lived for 13 years. That idea was quickly crushed as I learned that single women and lesbian couples are banned from receiving I.V.F. treatment in France. (In 2020, the French Senate passed a bill to change this, but the legislation has yet to become law.)

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Opinion | The I.V.F. Plot in Aziz Ansari's Master of None Is Based on My Story - The New York Times

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