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Its a sensitive subject men dont want to discuss, let alone joke about. And while its rarely brought into the open, male infertility affects tens of thousands, including comedian Rhod Gilbert. In this brand new programme on BBC One Wales, Rhod shares the emotional turmoil, theories and misconceptions about infertility and meets others who have experienced the heartache of not being able to concieve.

Rhod and his wife Sin have been trying for a baby but have had difficulties. While Sin is dealing with the complications of endometriosis, Rhod was unpleasantly surprised when tests uncovered issues with his sperm. He describes them as very lazy and languid, like their owner.

In this one-hour no-holds-barred programme Rhod is candid about this often taboo subject in his own inimitable style. He says, Im older than Sydney Opera House and my satchel syrup isnt what it used to be. Once, my sperm may have been rocket-fuelled baby bombs. But these days Im told theyre as old and wrinkly as the bag I keep them in. Senile swimmers in need of zimmers.

Research has revealed shocking evidence that sperm counts across the entire Western world have dropped by 60% in the last 40 years.

In this heart-felt, yet entertaining documentary, shot through with his acerbic brand of humour, Rhod Gilbert meets fellow male sufferers, including writer and performance poet Benjamin Zephaniah, who speaks openly about the pain felt by childless men.

Rhod is surprised to discover that men account for about half of all difficulties to conceive and hes keen to find out more about a problem thats largely unacknowledged.

Infertility is the basis for Rhod Gilberts first stand-up tour in five years. He says, If theres one thing Ive learned on my infertility journey is that humour is the battering ram that can break the defensive wall that men put up around this most serious of subjects.

Gilbert also currently hosts the new Comedy Central showRhod Gilberts Growing Pains on Tuesdays at 9pm.

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News: Rhod Gilbert To Front Doc On Infertility - Beyond The Joke

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