‘I tried to fall pregnant for 16 years. This is what I learned about infertility.’ – Mamamia

Comparing yourself to others will only make you feel insecure, stay in your own lane and practice love over fear every day.

Stand up and be proud of yourself as you may not have followed the status quo of instant reproduction. And know that it is okay.

Bren Brown says it so well, "True belonging is a spiritual practice and its about the ability to find sacredness in both being a part of something but also the courage to stand alone".

By leaning in to your own uniqueness you will discover and experience more fullness. Instead of fitting in, stand up and create your own group, be a leader.

Did I want to write a book about my infertility journey, not really as it's very personal, and I knew if I told it thatI had to tell the whole story with all the bits and not filter. However, when I thought of all the women I could help who were suffering in silence, I had to stand up and become a leader as scary as it was and still is. But in doing so it has been extremely freeing.

What is the name for the group of people who wanted children but couldnt have them, and not for lack of trying? And when people ask you if you have children, you could just say this phrase and they would instantly understand... with no judgement or further interrogation.

That you are not childless by choice, you really wanted children, but it didnt happen for you.

Instead of #mumlife, Im starting a global movement called #embraceotherhood. To embrace otherhood is to know that you did all you could to have children and you know that being a parent would not singly define who you truly are, that you are whole and complete just as you are.

By embracing otherhood, youll find yourself again after going through infertility, without feeling shame or that you are lacking something. And by creating this mindset shift it will help you embrace all your future possibilities with excitement.

Finding your life purpose is really about inner growth from whatever experiences have challenged you to rise above and move forward with excitement. And I can vouch by saying that shit feels good!

I hope that this helps you see the end of your infertility journey as the beginning of your new epic life in whatever form that may be for you.

Bernadette Andrews of Embrace Otherhood is an author and life coach to women who have gone through failed infertility and seek a new meaningful life.

For sixteen years, Bernadette has been on and off the baby making train in the hopes of falling pregnant. She has done it all, from IVF and Chinese medicine to naturopathy, all while maintaining her humorous and positive vibe.

In sharing her story, Bernadette hopes to help others experiencing infertility know theyre not alone, and that you can live a full, purposeful and rewarding life whether you join the mothers club or not.

You can find Bernadette's book, How to Stay Sane on the Baby Making Train,here, or visit her websiteEmbrace Otherhood.

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'I tried to fall pregnant for 16 years. This is what I learned about infertility.' - Mamamia

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