Ghaziabad woman gives birth to not 1 but 4 children via IVF; family overjoyed – Hindustan Times

A woman in Uttar Pradeshs Ghaziabad has given birth to four children together at a private hospital in the city. Among them, three are boys and the fourth is a girl, according to an Aaj Tak report.

This comes only days after the Uttar Pradesh law commission formulated a proposal on two-child policy that bars people from getting government benefits if they have more than two children.

Doctors who performed the surgery on the woman said that both the mother and her four children were healthy, the report mentioned. The children were born using the in-vitro fertilization (IVF) technology.

Dr Shashi Arora, one of two doctors, who performed the surgery on the woman, said that the couple had been hoping to have a child for several years. The woman was unable to bear a child, and was even receiving treatment, as per the Aaj Tak report. She gave birth to the four children following two years of treatment. The woman and her family are overjoyed at the news of welcoming four children at once.

What is in-vitro fertilisation (IVF)?

Mayo Clinic defines IVF as a medical procedure that is used to aid with fertility issues or prevent genetic problems. In IVF, matured eggs are collected from ovaries and then fertilised by sperm in a lab. The fertilised egg or eggs are then transferred to a womans uterus, thereby assisting in conception of an embryo for women who have difficulty to do it naturally.

Several factors come into the play to determine how likely a woman is to deliver a healthy baby using IVF technology. These include her age and the reason behind infertility. Among many aftermaths of IVF technology, one is multiple pregnancies similar to the Ghaziabad woman, wherein more than one embryo is transferred to the uterus, leading to multiple births.

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Ghaziabad woman gives birth to not 1 but 4 children via IVF; family overjoyed - Hindustan Times

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