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MICHELLE Heaton has revealed that menopause left her feeling suicidal as she urges the government to make HRT available on the NHS.

The Liberty X singer, 42, went into immediate menopause seven years ago after having a hysterectomy to prevent her developing ovarian cancer that ran in the family.



Michelle, who is backing the Fabulous Menopause Matters campaign, today appeared on Stephs Packed Lunch where she claimed that going through menopause almost ruined her life.

Speaking to show host Steph McGovern, Michelle said: I didnt know anything about menopause then I just knew that my maam had headaches and was a right crank at home

I was told a lot of things but I didnt listen, my main aim was to get the operation to eradicate the risk of ovarian cancer.

I had it six months after I gave birth to AJ and after seven years of battling (with the menopause) only now can I say that Ive found the solution.

Michelle says that going through menopause was much more than just a few hot flushes and finding the odd hair on her chin.

She says: It affected my family. My husband didnt know if I was going insane, I just wasnt myself.

I was hot, flushing, I was really irritable, I had very itchy skin.

After about a year, my drive for life, fitness levels, any of me had gone - then my doctor introduced testosterone which isnt available at the moment on the NHS which is so sad because that saved my life.

Michelle went on to explain that sadly, for many women, suicidal thoughts can be a side effect of the menopause, as she herself discovered.

She says: Unfortunately suicidal thoughts are part of that percentage rate, its a real thing and has been for me.

Not knowing where you left the keys might seem silly but it isnt when you really cant find those keys and you cant remember things.

Michelle, who speaks openly about her addiction to alcohol and drugs, says that the amount she was drinking initially made her HRT insufficient.

But since entering the Priory and becoming sober earlier this year, the singer says that she had been able to appreciate the full impact that HRT can have on women.

The HRT is just banging now, she says, I cant believe those suffering women out there who arent armed with the facts about HRT and how beneficial it can be.

Thats why I am part of the Fabulous Menopause Matters campaign to bring a bill to parliament that there should be free HRT to all on the NHS.

Fabulous Menopause Matters

An estimated one in five of the UKs population are currently experiencing it.

Yet the menopause is still whispered in hush tones like its something to be embarrassed about.

The stigma attached to the transition means women have been suffering in silence for centuries.

The Sun are determined to change that, launching the Fabulous Menopause Matters campaign to give the taboo a long-awaited kick, and get women the support they need.

The campaign has three aims:

The campaign has been backed by a host of influential figures including Baroness Karren Brady CBE, celebrities Lisa Snowdon, Jane Moore, Michelle Heaton, Zoe Hardman, Saira Khan, Trisha Goddard, as well as Dr Louise Newson, Carolyn Harris MP, Jess Phillips MP, Caroline Nokes MP and Rachel Maclean MP.

Exclusive research commissioned by Fabulous, which surveyed 2,000 British women aged 45-65 who are going through or have been through the menopause, found that 49% of women suffered feelings of depression, while 7% felt suicidal while going through the menopause.

50% of respondents said there is not enough support out there for menopausal women, which is simply not good enough. Its time to change that.

Michelle is now having a combined hormone implant fitted every six months to regulate her hormones, but admits she has previously struggled to afford it herself.

She says: Last year we came to a money crisis and I didnt do it and I had a real hell of a half a year and the NHS gave me a replacement and it wasnt enough for my body that it needed

So without being able to afford it this time I wouldnt be regulated .

Michelle says that shes lucky to be in the position when she can typically afford the care she needs, but there are plenty of women who cant.

She says: Theres women out there who think theyre going insane, like a zombie, with health issues and its because we dont have the correct HRT levels given to us.

Its so freeing to be hormonally balanced it changes me so much as a person both mentally and physically.


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The menopause left me a suicidal shell of my former self its vital HRT is available on the NHS says Mic... - The Sun

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