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Menstruation is a biological phenomenon where a womans vagina discharges blood every month. Now, while it might seem like an easy process when you read this definition, the problem is there is so much more to periods than just wearing a sanitary napkin. For a few days every month, you may go through both physical and emotional changes like intense cramping, nausea, moodiness, and breast pain.

For women who have crippling period pain on multiple cycle days, (I am one of them) and have to come up with excuses such as fever to get a day's rest, it would be nice for once to have the choice to decide for ourselves if we want a period leave if the option's there.

Rituparna Chatterjee (@MasalaBai) August 9, 2020

And men should ideally not be taking a lead on this discussion. Men in decision making position listen to women when making the policy for your team. Women who have painless periods, please, please don't dismiss experiences of those who don't.

Rituparna Chatterjee (@MasalaBai) August 9, 2020

Women who have painful periods worried this will lead to discrimination, gentle reminder, you didn't choose this. How workplaces adjust around it isn't your burden. I'm tired of diminishing a severe chronic pain I've lived with all my life as "a headache" or "family emergency"

Rituparna Chatterjee (@MasalaBai) August 9, 2020

1. Those arguing there's already sick leave to cover this, period is not a sickness and the leave cannot fall in the same bracket. 2. When you discuss period leave, please also keep in mind women work in unorganised sectors too, doing heavy labour, including paid domestic work+

Rituparna Chatterjee (@MasalaBai) August 9, 2020

Ma'am this tweet is happening after 20+ gynaec visits since age 17 (I am 40), one major operation, multiple medicine cycles, advice of hysterectomy at age 21, yoga, a bout of homeopathy in desperation. I understand and appreciate your concern but suffering isn't by choice

Rituparna Chatterjee (@MasalaBai) August 9, 2020

Sorry what? How is asking for leave for genuine physical pain and discomfort "special treatment?" A period leave specifically solves the problem of declaration, no? Bec it becomes voluntary. Jinko nahi zaroorat hai, woh nahi lenge

Rituparna Chatterjee (@MasalaBai) August 9, 2020

Men are disgruntled because they don't have any valid biological reason to ask for leave. If there was even a minute chance it would've taken place centuries ago.

Irrelevant Cosmicstan (@ICosmicstan) August 9, 2020

Sorry, breaking "no uterus, no opinion" rule:If I were an employer, I'd gladly let women take period leave. I think many women would appreciate this, and would give much more back to my biz than I'd get from making them work through excruciating pain.Also, humane thing to do.

Raja awaaz do, hum ek hain (@Raja_Sw) August 10, 2020

It took me a long time to tell people that am in pain. Then I realized that even when we say it, no one hears or acknowledges a womens pain. My cycle since I was 10 lasts six days, & its brutal and exhausting. My back and feet hurt, and I throw up. This is every ducking month!

Suchitra Vijayan (@suchitrav) August 10, 2020

And you can't really get fever every month. I am running out of excuses. Can barely stand or stay functional, and take a couple of days to just recover from it. It's causes so much distress. Doctors haven't been able to help. Seriously wish they would allow it.

Andromeda (@bluelephant5) August 9, 2020

There's an intangible benefit that comes with such humane gestures. I don't have painful periods but I don't want someone in pain working for me, so I strongly ask them to rest. What I observe is: they feel grateful & are more productive, willing to do extra hours without asking.

Pragya Narang (@PragyaNarang) August 9, 2020

Women declaring they have debilitating pain and yet having to explain why they should get some rest.

Ladies, its time to stop being polite.Be angry. Be very fucking angry.

BeingNita (@VinithaShetty) August 9, 2020

As a man I may never truly understand what women deal with when it comes to dealing with period pain.

I'm still willing to bet that it pales in comparison to dealing with the pain of men making comments on period pain.

Omair Ahmad (@OmairTAhmad) August 10, 2020

dont worry, soon women will be unemployed slowly from the companies due to less productivity , take as many leaves as u want lmao, its good for men only, company needs productivity not u r comfort , during interview now hr'S will seek men,

DEXTER TWEETS. (@harsha04143097) August 9, 2020

If period is not sickness then what are these paid leaves for?

Also it is the #Feminazis which beat their chest against the social tradition which req girls/women to stay at home during period. Seems some women want to eat buffet from both the sides@MensDayOutIndia @MenWelfare

Ash 'G (@ashishgupta001) August 9, 2020

Women are experts in telling lies and faking with tears.Girls will take advantage FAKE and be with boyfriend having sex.Men in decision making positions cannot verify telling truth. We have come across many school girls skipping class just to have sex with boyfriends.

Hawk (@srvs123451) August 9, 2020

Men in relationships should also get period leaves to take care of their wives/GFs during those days, they can't leave them alone at home in such days. That would be true equality.

John Quarantine (@ambar_hitman) August 9, 2020

While many companies offer menstrual leave, its important others follow suit too. What is your thought about a period leave? Tell us!

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