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Here, Michelle explains why she thinks you should nominate your health hero

LIBERTY X singer Michelle Heaton, 37, is the latest famous face to back Who Cares Wins.

The mum of two knows only too well how valuable our health service is, after she found out she has a faulty gene which ups her risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

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She has needed a double mastectomy and reconstruction and hysterectomy to aid her survival.

It is down to the hard work of medical researchers, the skill of surgeons and the knowledge of doctors that Michelle has the chance to live a long and healthy life.


Yesterday TV presenter Charlie Webster nominated Dr Graeme Wilkes, the doctor who saved her after her malaria diagnosis.

And TVs Jeff Brazier put forward paediatric nurse Dawn Lawson for her dedication and level of care.

Here, Michelle explains why she thinks you should nominate your health hero.

When I was diagnosed as being BRCA2 positive, meaning my risk of ovarian and breast cancer was high, my world could have come crashing down.

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Admittedly I had to make tough decisions but I always considered myself to be one of the lucky ones to be able to take preventative action.

This was only possible because of the wonderful developments in research and health care.

Thanks to the incredibly talented and knowledgeable people working in medicine, I should be alive to see my two children grow up.

That is why thank you is not nearly enough for those who have reduced my chances of an early death.

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There are people working hard to save and improve lives every day.

Many patients have the odds of survival or a good quality of life stacked against them.

But our doctors, nurses, midwives, hospital porters and hospice volunteers never give up.

It takes an enormous amount of courage, resilience and strength to keep going and that should be celebrated.

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News Group Newspapers Ltd

Im fully in support of The Suns Who Cares Wins awards.

All of those nominated fully deserve it and its about time we all show our appreciation.

But all health care workers are winners in my eyes.

They are there for us when we need them most and we should never forget that.


Best Midwife

This award is for an NHS midwife who provided great care for a woman or her baby.

Tell us your amazing birth stories or nominate someone for their ongoing hard work.

Best Doctor

This award is for any NHS doctor who could be a General Practitioner, a hospital doctor or hospital consultant.

Tell us why the person deserves to win.

Best Nurse

This award is for any NHS nurse in any field.

Ultimate Lifesaver (eg emergency rescue or operation)

This category is for a person or team who have performed an emergency rescue or an operation or similar.

Tell us your 999 stories and also your stories about remarkable operations or lifesaving situations.

You might want to nominate a paramedic or an ambulance worker or a surgeon.

Groundbreaking pioneer or discovery

This category is to honour scientists and researchers who have contributed to medical science.

Best volunteer

This award will go to the unsung unpaid heroes of health.

Do you know a friend or a person who gives up their time to volunteer at a health charity, hospital, hospice or similar?

Best charity

This is a chance to nominate a health charity who has helped you or a loved one.

Special recognition

This category is to cover anyone working in the health field who does not fit into any of the above categories.

Perhaps there is team of people, a manager, receptionist, therapist, physio or nutritionist you want to honour.

To view the Terms and Conditions click here

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Michelle Heaton thanks NHS heroes for saving her life after discovering she carries a deadly cancer gene and faced ... - The Sun

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